All About You (Krissie)

These photos are five years apart – I just started taking my photos when we started Refab and now I’ve got this whole huge backlog. It would be really cool to put them in order of date in a slide show (run quickly) to watch the changes. I do like my longer hair (and losing weight doesn’t hurt). As for my wattle (hidden by the great Calamity cup Jenny gave me) I was whining about it 5 years ago and it hasn’t gotten any worse. Just a fact of life (and a naturally receding chin).

So – I’ve got a Danish penpal! His name is Per and he’s a young man into exercise so we don’t have a lot in common, but hey, he’s willing to talk to me so I’m happy. Little does he know the treasure he has on the other end of his emails (cackle).

I’m flailing about with my revisions. Spent the weekend playing with dolls, of course (I promise a blog post about them soon, not that any of you care but tough titties, as they used to say). We all like creativity, right? I’ve got a really busy week – tomorrow the therapist, Wednesday lunch with an actress friend, Thursday a sewing day at my Husqvarna Viking dealer (I’ve got an older Bernina and a Janome as well) and then on Friday I fly out to Detroit to visit with my BFF as in Best Friend Forever, since I’ve known her for 61 years (we met when we were 8). I only met Jenny when we were in our 40s so we’re on twenty-something years. Maybe she’s Best Friend From Now On. BFFNO?
I’ll be in Michigan (Ypsilanti, outside of Ann Arbor) for a week. Sally and I will get pedicures and sew and gossip and use her hot tub and just have a fabulous time, and it’s long overdue. In fact, I have to carefully not mention when I go to Jenny’s since I’ve been down in NJ probably more than a dozen times and I haven’t yet gone to MI. Sally had a worse childhood than I did, which is saying a lot, so it’s easy for her to feel paranoid and abandoned.

I’ve been getting great packing ideas on Pinterest of all places. They’ve got all these posts for “packing for a week in Paris” etc., usually stuff that will fit in a carry on. I hate packing, hate deciding, so I’m going to go with one of those plans and see how it goes. Of course, being in a shoulder season doesn’t help – snow in VT yesterday, close to 90 on Wednesday. (Anyone else say wed-nes-day every time they type the word?)

And here’s a goal. I’ll try to take a photo every day, at least one, to document my week. Oh, I failed to mention I’m in the midst of massive revisions too, that I have to squeeze in whenever I can.  To cheer me up I sing this song when I work.  I know it’s disrespectful to call Daniel by his childhood name, but no one will tell, right?  When Kate was little she’d put on her patent leather shoes and pretend tape on the hardwood floors while this played on the VHS machine (she was around two).

I never know if those links work.  If it doesn’t, check me on Facebook to hear my work song.

So what’s on your agenda?

6 thoughts on “All About You (Krissie)

  1. JenniferNennifer says:

    Time traveling to Friday to say Welcome to Michigan!

    SO care about your dolls. If you had time, you could stop by Ann Arbor to see my doll house and miniature china shop, but I am sure you and Sally have plenty to do without extra activities.

    Happy week, happy travels, looking forward to pictures.

  2. Lynda says:

    Love this song! I don’t guess I’ve ever heard it before. The things on my agenda are pretty much the same things that were on it last week. I know I was busy but I can’t say that I got a whole lot accomplished. I hope you have a wonderful time in Detroit with your friend. The only time I’ve ever been there was at the conference where you and I met, back in 1984. Long time ago. I think that hotel with the soaring towers is now GM headquarters.

  3. Still the same old stuff–writing, cleaning, eating, talking to the dogs. I am reading more now that we’ve started Good Book Thursdays over on Argh, so that’s something.
    Have a fabulous time in WI!

  4. Kelly S. says:

    Waving to you from the Lansing area of MI! I’m only about an hour away, much less if you end up at Country Stitches, a large quilt shop.

    I also say Wed-nes-day.

    Nothing special this week, work, exercise, sleep, hopefully some quilting…

  5. Have a safe and relaxing trip. It sounds like your life is full and interesting. I’ve been blocking out life and trying hard to get this rough draft finished by the end of the month. Getting there, but it is slow. Seriously, I’d like it done by mid next week as I’m heading back to the desert to meet up with some gal pals. That trip is great for plotting…or finding plot holes.

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