All About You (Krissie)

So I’m going swimming first thing this morning. I only got there once last week – I’m hoping to make it at least two days this week. I’m not going to bitch about hurting – it’s boring. I’m just gonna do that I gotta do, and besides, I really like water walking. I plot while I do it, plus listen to audio books when I drive there and back. So even though it takes three hours it’s all good.
And I went to church for the third time in the last four Sundays. I’m really liking it – we have an interim minister who’s very low-key but good, and friends I’ve had for years. I’m UCC, which is basically as liberal as you can get and still believe in a trinity (and we’re even pretty loose on that) so in terms of faith it’s very good for me.
But I digress.
I’m starting to rip apart my book, which needs to be done before I can finish it, and I’m really into it. Plus I have more books to write, things to do. Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.

Things this week: write, clean around my chair (things kind of build up like magazines and books, etc), clean the new bathroom, stencil some of the doll furniture (my first attempt was disastrous so I decided I ought to a) watch a youtube video and b) practice on scrap wood. Duh.) Maybe do a little sewing.

I wish I could finish cleaning. Obviously I finish a lot of things, including probably 100 books and novellas. I just don’t finish cleaning. When I do the kitchen I leave at least one pan. I never finish wiping down the counters. In the other rooms I clean one small area but shift all the crap to another corner. I’m not sure why, but I need to work on actually finishing the cleaning.

And I need to be cheerful about my birthday. I don’t know why I let numbers define me – they never did before. I know old people who are sixty, young people who are 80. A friend of mine turns 97 this week. And speaking of numbers, my number is terrifically entertaining. so for this year I’ll embrace it. In fact, fuck it, why don’t I just keep embracing the numbers? I’ve spent my life, starting as a young child, defying everyone’s expectations (I was born a little adult). I need to just stop limiting myself by society’s expectations, and revel in that defiance.

Step one – tomorrow I’m 69, baby! Best age ever (evil leer).

So what’s on your agenda apart from celebrating the national holiday of my birthday? Well, Cinco de Mayo (is that right? Looks like the 5th of Mayonnaise). Tacos are one of my favorite foods, though I’ve never had a fish taco.

What’s on your menu this week? Mexican food? Birthday cake? Salad? What’s on your agenda? Plodding work, joyful creativity, sloth? There’s value in everything, even the plodding stuff, and lots of hygge in sloth (Jeg er halvdel dannesker).

Tell me!

13 thoughts on “All About You (Krissie)

  1. Jenny says:

    My calendar popped up with your birthday on it, so it’s too late to send you anything. Must change the alert date. But I will have cake in your honor tomorrow.

    I’m making incredibly slow progress on the house, but still, progress. It’s rainy and gloomy here all week which is good for writing and reading. And I’m past the first act set-up and well into the heart of the story now, so that’s fun although discovery draft always makes me nervous because it’s so bad. I have a lemon cake recipe I’ve been meaning to try, and cooler weather is always good for baking. So many things . . .

    Happy Day Before Your Birthday, Krissie! And many more!

    • German Chocolate Betty says:

      My first husband would have been 76 today. Hard to believe he’ll have been gone 18 years this year….

      However, there’s no reason not to celebrate the march of time for those of us who are still here to enjoy it — have a great one tomorrow, Krissie!

  2. I want to finish my accounts, do my tax return, and write a cv/marketing material to try and get some new clients – ideally, illustrated book publishers.

    Also keep enjoying spring, and banish the blues that keep sneaking back in.

  3. Cindy says:

    Happy birthday wishes, Krissie!

    My husband is off from work this week to tackle some projects around the house. I’m excited for that… Our front door has been sitting with a big patch on it for months. I’m starting a new workout routine, that always gets me excited, kind of like the first day of school. 🙂

  4. Bon Anniversaire, Krissie! Any age is a great age because you’re here! Here’s a pretty good place to be, yes? My mom was born in May, too, and every so often her birthday lands on Mother’s Day (May 13), which is always a double kick of joy. She would’ve been 90 this year, had she not gone out in a blaze of glory in 1988. I still miss the heck out of her…but I know she’s smiling down on me. 🙂

  5. Lynda says:

    69 does indeed sound like a fabulous age–especially from the perspective of somebody who hit the big 7-0 in January. Never have figured out where all the time went. Anyway, I hope you have a truly amazing day tomorrow!! (BTW, whenever your birthday rolls around, for some reason I remember that May 2nd is also the birthday of the guy I had a HUGE crush on in high school. Not sure why I remember that, since I haven’t laid eyes on him in more than 50 years. Hell, I think I can even remember his then-phone number. Anyway, the last I heard, he was a doctor in Spokane, and he should be 71 tomorrow, assuming nothing untoward has happened recently.)

    Good for you on the swimming! I haven’t been to the gym since October, and I have no excuse, given that it’s a five-minute drive from my house. Maybe this week. What I really must do, preferably today, is transfer the bills and other papers, previously heaped on an old desk in my dining room and currently piled on the table, into a nice new wooden lateral file cabinet that I bought months ago and which my son finally assembled for me the other night, in preparation for his taking the desk to his own home so the grands can use it for a study center. Very sturdy desk, purchased back in the mid-80s from a company called This End Up, and supposedly made out of wooden shipping crates. Whether or not that was literally true, the desk weighs a ton and still looks like new–except for the scars inside the kneehole from Larry’s wheelchair, back during the years he used the desk for his meds and such–and I feel confident it can withstand the abuse my lively grandsons will heap upon it. And with it out of the way, maybe I will finally be able to store my household paperwork with some decorum.

    On the subject of fish tacos, if you like fish, I hope you’ll try them. Despite living in California all my life, I never ate a fish taco until four years ago–I don’t think they used to be so common on restaurant menus–but when I finally tasted one, I discovered I love it! I’ve even devised what I call my “fish taco salad”–shredded cabbage, baked fish sticks, tortilla chips, queso fresco, and salsa. Basically it’s the same flavor but a lot easier to throw together, and not so messy to eat.

    Anyway, Felìz Cinco de Mayo, and also, of course, on on Thursday, May the Fourth be with you!

  6. Carol says:

    Happy birthday, Sr. Krissie! My birthday hint to you: when you’re cleaning, get things into the right room. It’s half the battle, trust me. I’m slowly getting better with my clutter, and that’s been a huge help. So no piling in the corner unless it’s piled in the corner of the room in which in belongs.

    • Alis says:

      I wanted to say this. Somewhere I learned the idea of “bussing” a room. Use a laundry basket or something and load up everything that belongs in the kitchen that is currently in the living room and move it TO THE KITCHEN. Repeat for each room. Don’t try to sort, don’t try to put other stuff away, just bus the rooms, and then, once that’s done you can tackle the rooms themselves. Saves lots and lots of footsteps, and when walking hurts, then that’s a biiiiig help. 🙂

  7. Jill says:

    Dull and damp here. There are 2 roads into Lamar, for a while both were flooded. Still raining.

    Saturday is International Ladies Ride Day. An event that happens on the first Saturday of May–all over the world. We ride and then we party !

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