All About You (Krissie)

Godmorgen min børn. My dansk goes apace, though I’m running into software problems. My favorite software (Nemo) won’t reset on my new iPad Air, and with over a thousand words I’m not about to start from the begynnelse. However, it looks as if I was just about at the end of the programs – there were only a few words and phrases left – so it’s time to upgrade anyway. Man, I love learning the language. Because I mostly do it at night in bed, and because Richie and I are practically attached at the hip, he’s learning a lot too, so we’re always speaking to each other in dansk.
But I digress. I spent intensive time last week redoing BANISH MISFORTUNE, my first RITA-winning book, and, I discovered, one of my very best ones. I usually update the books – make it an unspecified present time though it would change things too much if I added computers and cell phones – but at the last minute I decided to keep this in the time it was written. It’s too perfect a microcosm of my life back then, filtered through fiction. It’s also painful and really really good.
The reason I’m so surprised about it is that it was part of a failed effort by Harlequin and it sold 5k books, a really tiny amount. No one read it, it was never reprinted, and I had only vague memories of it. It’s hit me like a sledgehammer, and I’m going to talk about it more over at my website blog. I’ll post a link here when I do.
In the meantime, I revised the book, wrote a little on Emma and Brandon (but Banish was due on the 10th). I did some sewing, bought some interesting stuff, including my new iPad (the old was ancient with a cracked screen and 12gb – the new one has 128 gb.) Hence the software problem.
And oh my God I saw Beauty and the Beast and I am aux anges! That’s a regency term for those who don’t know it, meaning I’m with the angels, i.e. in heaven. Have to see it again, preferably in 3d. Didn’t get swimming, mud season has arrived, we had another fucking snow storm, we closed on our refinancing. A crazy week.

But this week we get Goddess Time! Lani and her two daughters are meeting me down at Crusie’s (they’re all pagans, despite that fact that Crusie and I can both recite the Apostolic Creed from memory) so they don’t care if it’s Easter, and I’m flexible. I missed Palm Sunday (overslept) and apparently the Breitchsneiders brought their miniature donkeys to church!

Richie’s making me coffee (I like Sumatran) and I gotta get to work. So this week, I drive down to Jenny’s, listening to new books (the new Lisa Kleypas is phenomenal), we’ll go to the eye doctors and the vet, Lani will arrive, I’ll try to talk them into going to Beauty and the Beast and most likely fail, and we will have a lovely time.

So, what’s on your agenda, my children? Anything fabulous?

5 thoughts on “All About You (Krissie)

  1. Lynda says:

    So, once you feel you’ve mastered the language, are you going to Denmark? I’ve always heard that Copenhagen is very beautiful. (To my shame, I probably cannot name a single other Danish city, except maybe Elsinore, and I have no idea whether Shakespeare made that up or not.)

    I hope you have an amazing time with Crusie and company, and since you want it so much, I hope that includes seeing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST again. Honestly I have not been able to work up the least bit of interest. Not sure why, maybe it’s the story. When I finally saw the 1991 version, I thought it was a masterpiece of animation, but even then it had taken me a year or two to get around to catching it on tv. But I’m glad the new version brings you joy. Right now I’m puttering around the house, getting ready for my younger son and his children to come visit for a couple of days, and that makes me so happy that I can’t think of anything else I’d want to do.

  2. Have a wonderful Easter with your fellow Goddesses, it’s good to hear you are getting back together. Also, don’t forget that Sally Gardner audiobook, The Red Necklace, narrated by Tom Hiddleston for the drive. I listened to it a couple of years ago walking in woods and found it very therapeutic.

    My mother is coming to visit this week, yay. We have a couple of days where she and DH are here together, then DH heads back to London to continue with his teacher training course. It is Minion 2’s birthday and I have bought him what he desires most – an iPhone. He’s 14 and is the very very last of his class not to have a phone, so DH and I have caved. We know he will leave it outside the bedroom door at night, he will let us check it and he will not break it, unlike Minion 1, who is a disaster area even now at 20 with any expensive gadget.

    Planning lots of reading and writing, am working on a mini-screenplay for best friend of Minion 1, who is studying acting at a very good place in London. The school makes films for 4 kids at a time as show reels for agents, and is always looking for scripts. I have an idea for a little movie based on AI and transhuman ideas – I’m reading a cook book called To be A Machine.

    Plus am trying to get back on the novel-writing track. Rewrites and reviews of two WIPS.

  3. Just a quiet week here, as much as Holy Week can be quiet. Have to take it easy and am forgoing hosting our annual Lamb Easter dinner with local family in favor of brunch hosted by sister-in-law (She’s and accountant and it’s tax season, so I usually try to take the pressure off of her for this holiday).

    Daughter, Son-in-law and beautiful granddaughter EE are heading off to Houston tonight for their annual family-fest with SIL’s sisters, bils and niece and nephews. EE’s girl cousin Q, aged two, is over the moon about meeting her baby girl cousin.

    I hope that Krissie, Jenny, Lanie and Goodness and Light (am I remembering these names correctly?) have a blast celebrating your special sister-hood and enjoying spring time in the wilds of NJ.

  4. JenniferNennifer says:

    Preparing for our SF show next week (NEXT WEEK?????) Weather is nice so good for walking. Easter is coming so good for eating.

    Sending good wishes for your visit with Jenny. I hear she’s cleaning in your honor. I bet we are all having vicarious pleasure from your “sister time” and …. honorary niece time? Whatever – enjoy!

  5. MJ says:

    Wow, lots of hard work on the writing front – congrats!

    I greatly enjoyed Beauty & the Beast, partly because of the nostalgia it carries, but also for the magnificent scenery and set design.

    Have a wonderful Goddess get-together. I’ve left DH at home to take my Texas nieces to see their grandparents in Montana. A fun trip, though tough to pack for.

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