All About You (Krissie)

Photo on 2-13-17 at 9.04 AM I opened up Photo Booth to take a photo this morning and I looked awful — the angle at which I was sitting (in the recliner) made my chin droop down to my chest, my skin was all wrinkly from sleep (just woke up), my hair needs a wash, my eyes looked tired. That expression was a reaction to my momentary lack of gloriousness. I find myself amusing, at least, I find my rare vanity amusing.
How are you all, my darlings? First, an infomercial.
I have a new book out tomorrow – WILDFIRE. Hot romantic suspense, a Tom Hiddleston hero if he’s your cup of tea (if he’s not, think Daniel Craig or whoever floats your boat). Given the state of publishing, it might be my last book put out by a publishing house, so I want it to go out with a bang! If you like romantic suspense and have money to spare, treat yourself. (OHMYGOD, I hate to shill my own books. But this one is really a treat).
Aw, fuck it. Ignore me.
We’re coming to the tail end of a massive snowstorm. Every school in the state is closed, and we know how to deal with snow. I expect we got about 18 inches – we’ll find out tonight – and everything is white and fluffy. The clouds are gray, though, so it’s still kinda gloomy. I’m going to write like crazy today – I love what I’m working on, but I’m easily distracted. Gotta sharpen my focus.
I also need to get out more. I haven’t been going anywhere but my therapist’s, and that’s not good for me. Then again, it’s been a snowy winter and there’s no discretionary money, plus I have more things at home to do than I can get to. Ah, whine whine whine. I seem to be very impatient with myself this morning.
Here’s your Danish word for the day – selvfolgelig (there’s supposed to be a slash through the Ø but this keyboard is being recalcitrant). It’s pronounced self-oh-loo-lee and it means of course. I really love Danish (jeg elsker dansk). I’m kind of amazed at all the stuff I’ve memorized – I think I have a natural ability when it comes to languages. I know I’ve got a definite interest when it comes to words (duh).
So I decided this week I would take care of my health, and I’ve got a mammogram, a physical therapy, and a dental appointment lined up. We also honed in on getting a new mortgage which should help get us out of debt, so that would be nice. And I’m damned well going to sew.
And oh lord I have to do PR stuff for the book. Plus, it’s Valentine’s Day. Richie offered to buy me chocolates (he knows I hate chocolate). I countered with he could take me to La La Land. He was NOT happy. Heh heh heh.

So what’s on your agenda? Got any Valentine day plans? (Can’t call it V-day, that’s Victory Day, can’t call it VD, that’s venereal disease, so I gotta spell it out.)
What’s on your agenda?

12 thoughts on “All About You (Krissie)

  1. Diane says:

    It’s been a weird past week. One of my daughters had to move home unexpectedly, for four to five months, with her cat. She is always more than welcome, but the unplanned nature of events means that my house looks like a localized earthquake has hit, and my workroom has been disassembled, and her cat and my cat must be kept separated. We’ll all settle in, and my task this week is to help her get organized and figure out how to install a pet-proof screen door at the bottom of some steps, to separate the cats.

  2. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I had a really good appointment with my therapist yesterday. We started talking about my issues in dealing with Tall Boy’s parents and, while we didn’t make any progress, she did validate that I’m not the crazy one. Next week we are going to hammer out some strategies for keeping my sanity and then I’m going to take 6 or so months off from therapy. I feel like I’ve learned a lot and now I need to put some things into practice.

    We are having a bit of a mid winter thaw which is a nice break. It’s a provincial holiday for the hospital I transcribe for so work will be spotty today. I might just clean house instead.

    At the end of the week I go to the city to do some shopping (new bathing suit!!!) and see Kinky Boots with some friends. All that and three more water fitness classes make it a bit of a full week.

  3. Jenny says:

    Milton ate my chocolate. Not all of it, and he’s fine, but that was MY Dove chocolate, damn it.
    Otherwise we’re all good here.

  4. Kieran says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Krissie, I hope you sing today. Watch a good musical, maybe?

    I’m still in grad school, three classes a week, and working as a grad assistant at Crazyhorse lit mag. Today for a class I had to write a review of Ploughshares, a top-tier lit mag in Boston. I fell in love with the stories and just feel really lucky that I’m still learning and being wowed by art and the world. It’s a good feeling. I will live ’til I die. I never understood when I was younger that older people are just as alive as the younger folk. I thought it was a downer, getting older, and it is in some ways, but I remember there were crappy parts about being young, too! LOL.

    Anyway, happy heart day.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! No chocolate for me. No cookies. No cake. I started my “I have to go out in public again” diet, which means having to fit into real clothes instead of comfy sweats. One event in two weeks, another in five weeks. As a special incentive, I’m dangling a trip I’ve wanted to take for such a long time, lose twenty pounds and I get the trip. It could work.

    I must zip over to Amazon and pick up Wildfire. That will be my Valentine’s gift to me. Thank goodness for books.

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