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Photo on 1-30-17 at 9.32 AM Qu’elle matin! Except I gotta stop doing that! I did tell you all I’m learning Danish, didn’t I? Jeg kan tale lidt Dansk. (I can speak a little Danish). I’m actually zipping right along, except certain words I speak with a French accent (like interessant, which has quite a different pronunciation in both languages (means interesting). I can get the vowels and the accents right in the Danish version, but I can’t keep the R from sounding French.

So, okay. Helluva weekend, right? I don’t know if we can help from getting political. My cousin and family and congregation staged a protest at Detroit airport (lots of other people as well). In airports around the world. So there’s always a silver lining.

I wrote 4 days last week, up from three, and got good stuff done. I sorted through the leftover boxes in the sewing room and put them away, plus finally moved the other bookcase in. Took the zipper out of a vintage Hawaiian dress, (which I wore to sing backup to “Respect” accompanied by an accordion on the town green on Bicentennial Weekend. It’s a strapless red batik sundress and I wore elbow length white gloves and had to keep yanking the top up during the performance.) Got a pair of girls’ jeans for my AG trans boy, and sewed flannel patches over the pink flowers.

Went to a NAMI meeting but missed my shrink (ice storm). Oh, and best of all, I was feeling a little pudgier. Didn’t want to get on the scale but knew I had to if I was getting off track. I got on, expecting my weight to be up a couple of pounds and instead it was down two pounds! I’m now at 222.3, which means I’ve lost 27.5 pounds. Really really slowly, but really really steadily and painlessly, so det er godt. (That’s good). Faster would be nice, but since this requires only minimal effort (been off the bad stuff so long it doesn’t appeal to me, like cake and cookies etc) maybe I shouldn’t mess with success. In fact, this really isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, the way it’s supposed to be..

This week I’m going to the big city today (with Richie) – 140 miles roundtrip (and the state starts taking tax off Amazon on Wednesday, god dammit). I’m torn about this state – the taxes are so high but they pay for social services which are fabulous (except for mental health care). Sending off lots of packages (an Amazon return, a doll to the AG doll hospital ), getting Tim’s iPhones looked at, taking stuff to Good Will, getting some nitrate-free turkey kielbasa. You know, the usual.

I’ve got my therapist, I’ve got tons of writing to do, and I’ve got writing business to do (major). I gotta get organized. I got a nasty shock when I received my w-2s or whatever they’re called for writers’ income. Usually I get depressed because I can’t figure out where the money went and how we’ll manage to pay the extra taxes on it. This year I’m depressed because now I know why there isn’t any money. At least we can pay the government less.

So the usual – writing, organizing, sewing. And I gotta add business to the “usual.”

The kitties are thriving – both sleep on our bed at night, between us (though I sleep so soundly I often wake up in the morning and find Lilu as curled up on my stomach).

So what’s on your agenda? Anyone working on weight stuff? How’s that coming? Hey, tomorrow let’s talk about beautifying our rusty old hulks (in my case, that is).


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  1. Lynda says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a nice productive week. Good for you! I’m still adjusting to life post-remodel. Went to a sewing guild meeting on Saturday but didn’t stay the whole time because I wasn’t actually sewing. The big news there is that in March the group is taking a bus to Disneyland for the day, and I’m actually going to go, with my son Dan along to push me around in a wheelchair. There’s no way I can handle all that walking. It’ll be the first time I’ve been to Disneyland since 2002. I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment with my primary care physician, whom I will be seeing on Thursday, with the goal of finding out what exactly is going on with this 70-year-old body of mine, so that I can fix myself up enough to
    make it to England after all. ( I put my travel plans on hold in December, after my arthritis started flaring up really painfully.) Should be interesting to hear what the doctor has to say.

  2. Eileen A-W says:

    I”m back to walking on the treadmill which is good for my heart. Maybe it will help the weight loss. We’ll see. This week I’m doing lots of odd errands getting ready to leave next Sunday for a week long cruise with my hubby. I got a mani/pedi yesterday with my older daughter. We had a good talk too. Tuesday is dentist and haircut. Wow, just realized that I hadn’t done a mani/pedi nor haircut since mid-October when older daughter got married. I still have to fit in getting glasses adjusted as they the tilt is off. Lunch with younger daughter on Wednesday. Check on a couple of friends too.

    YAY for the weight loss Krissie and the writing!!

  3. Nancy Hunter says:

    My husband is Danish (well, American, emigrated when he was 9). My catch-phrase when we’re in country is jeg ikke taler danske godt, which, because I’m pale, blonde, and traveling with a man fluent in the language, is often not believed until I try to say something else :-). And my favorite word in French is almost the same in Danish: parapluie/paraply.

  4. I’ve fallen out of the habit of going out for my early morning walks over the last couple fo months. More about maintaining my overall mental and physical well-being than anything else. My goal this week is to get back outside at least 3 days this week. Also need to book our tickets to go the US in June to see my youngest niece graduate HS. I don’t speak any Danish, mais je parle francais.

  5. Jill says:

    Krissie, why do you want to speak Danish ? We have traveled all over the world. I expect everyone to speak English. Narrow minded much ?

  6. Hester says:

    I went to to gymnasium in Denmark and it took 6 months of immersion to become fluent. As the Danes say, just pretend you have a potato stuck in your throat (because so many words require a throaty accent). My favorite and first phrase, that I can rattle off to this day is ‘jeg er en politisk flyttning’ (I’m a political refugee). In that day, the free language classes were geared to refugees and ‘guest workers’. ‘Vi spise’ (roughly ‘time to eat’) is also pretty important’

  7. Busy week: daughter and SIL is currently in hospital, awaiting birth of her first child (she’s being induced), so at some point in the next two days DH and I will be dropping everything to travel the three hours to see, admire and cuddle our new family member (first grandchild for us!).
    On Thursday we have a friend from Tanzania staying with us for two nights.
    Friday morning I have my annual mammogram scheduled.
    Going to try to continue to sort through all the stuff in our second extra room, so that it can be GC’s room when she and her parents come to visit…and of course, there is also, constantly the over whelming day-job.
    I really need to get more exercise and lose weight – should fire up the Weight Watchers App again….maybe next week.

  8. Sharon S. says:

    I started walking my doggie, Mattie Ann. I lost my Buster last Friday, so it’s easier to get the one dog out. I sabotaged myself over the weekend. I found I could make a nice cinnamon bread with just water, Bisquick, sugar and cinnamon powder. I made little scones from it and ATE IT ALL. I’m up 5 pounds. Well, I’m done with that! Back to the drawing board. Just wish I could draw a smaller body. LOL Have a great week, Krissie.

  9. Jessie says:

    My husband just had his foot rebuilt: 7 screws, 1 plate and a couple of metal staples. He is off his feet and has to stay in the garden room bedroom on the ground floor for the next 8 weeks because it has a walk-in shower and the ground floor also has the family room with the recliner so he can sit up with his foot still in the air. He is doing well BUT this means I am doing everything. And he has to stay downstairs because he has to go up and down on his butt until his leg and arms are strong enough that he can use a crutch and safely navigate stairs while hopping on one foot. He cannot put the foot down on the ground at all so I have to carry for him and do all the chores he would normally do for the next EIGHT weeks. While fetching and carrying up and down two flights of stairs. The first day he was home I bet I had at least twenty trips both ways. The next day my weight was down two pounds even though I bought myself a box of chocolate and ate half of them (Well, he couldn’t very well buy them for me and I thought that I was being so nobel I deserved them).

    We are now three days at home and I have a lot of the stuff where it needs to be so things are calming down and are pretty good. It is just such a relief to have this taken care of.

    For those of you with flat feet, get orthopedics and wear them religiously. He did not until he was in his sixties. This is a guy who commuted to work via bicycle for 50 years and was still going out for 25 to 50 miles a week. And was an active hiker and skier. Go call your podiatrist right now.

  10. Kelly S. says:

    It’s an average week at work. I do need to quilt a quilt for hire, make and quilt a baby quilt for a co-worker (not due until March) and I want to make a quilt and quilt it for a friend recently unemployed due to being too ill to continue working.

    As for weight, I’m kind of kicking myself. In 2015, I used Lose It! to track my weight, recording everything daily the whole year. It was tiring but effective as I lost 20 pounds that year. In 2016, I was sick of recording my food, didn’t and gained 10 pounds back. In November, I started an exercise program and while I was working out for 30 minutes a day, the only real improvements I saw was in my balance, flexibility, and some strength. So, the exercise was improving my body but not bringing down my weight nor my body fat %. In January, I started tracking my food again. In the first two weeks, my weight went down 2 pounds. Then read an article where a person said getting their “macros” in order was what enabled them to lose weight. I looked at the exercise program’s booklet. They had a recommended eating plan, including a set amount for each macro-nutrient – fat, protein, and carbs. I took a look at my food intake and realized I was eating less than half the recommended protein and too many carbs and fat. I’ve started adjusting my food choices to try and hit the target amounts. (For me they are 50g fat, 113g protein, and 150 carbs to lose weight and 60g fat, 130g protein, and 180 carbs to maintain. I shoot for the weight loss, but am content if I’m in the range between the two.) Since I started doing this, I lost another 3 pounds and 1% body fat. My vacation in 2 weeks with hubby and another couple is my current motivation. While I doubt I’ll reach my goal weight and there’s no chance of reaching my goal body fat %, hopefully, I’ll be a better looking me.

  11. Jill says:

    Yikes. I have flat feet. What made your hubby have the surgery ? That surgery sounds–extensive and painful. Good thing one of my daughters is an orthodist.

  12. Jessie says:

    As I understand it, the ligament or tendon or whatever that holds up the arch had stretched out of shape because of the flat feet and could no longer hold the bone that comes down into the ankle in place (you can tell I paid a lot of attention to the medical talk) and that bone started collapsing out of the ankle. He wore a brace for two years but in the last few months the bone continued to move sideways and rubbed against the brace so much that he could no longer wear the brace. The weight then was carried on that bone instead of his foot and was getting ready to start working through the sole of his foot. His orthopedist took one look when he was in two and a half weeks ago and scheduled him for a triple arthrodesis and first tarsal – metatarsal surgery. He went under the knife in less than two weeks from the visit. He will still be able to bicycle because he will be able to move the foot up and down but he loses side to side movement.

    He always thought having flat feet was no big deal unless I turned into a foot fetishist. He describes where he is now as end-stage flat feet. And apparently bones in the feet can heal very slowly so they predict 8 weeks but it could take considerably longer

    Wearing orthodics helps prevent it from getting this bad.

  13. Ugh. Finally got done with edits for book #2 of the English village series. It was a bear.
    Forgot to tell y’all that the first book, One Safe Place, is available on Amazon for 99Cents, but the sale ends tonight, Friday, or maybe tomorrow. They sometimes extend it a day. 🙂
    So worn out and achey I’m thinking a massage is in order.

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