All About You (Krissie)

Photo on 1-16-17 at 9.56 AM #2 Ah, me! (Which, incidentally, is what Juliet says at the beginning of the balcony scene). I’m full of quotes today. I looked at my image on Photo Booth and I looked soooooooooo old! But then the line from “Gigi” popped into my mind – “Am I getting old?” “Oh, no, not you!”
And now that song will be in my head all day.
I’m working on hauling out my office, but it’s a huge job. I need to figure out how to break it down-it gets too overwhelming. I keep grabbing boxes full of stuff and finding twenty differents places for things to go. I probably need to find ways to break it down, and yet, storing, tossing and giving away is a no brainer, but a lot of the stuff simply needs to go somewhere. Probably because my office is downstairs, I toss everything in there if I have to do a sudden cleaning (it’s always wrapping and present center during Christmas). I need to figure out how many receptacles I need and where to find ’em. I have one for giveaways, one for “to-file”, one for memorabilia (my mother’s writing, etc), trash, of course, one for office supplies …
Okay, bird by bird. I managed to write three days last week – I’m hoping for five this week but four will do. Things are always pulling at me. I’ve decided I can’t start swimming again – it’s too expensive and takes too long (25 miles away). (However, I’m seeing more surgeon tomorrow since it’s been a year since my shoulder replacement and it might be a good idea for the shoulder, in which case I’ll figure it out). So it’s gonna be writing in the morning, working on the house in the afternoon and sewing when I get the chance.

My pal Mort (Maggie Shayne) has a system where she breaks her days into segments – I think they’re two-hour ones. She puts them in spiritual terms, but I’m just trying to be as simple as possible. If I could implement that it would be perfect – one segment for writing every day (always with the option for keeping going), one segment for the house, one segment for fun. I’ve got to put some thought into it – how much downtime in between, etc. I’ll work on this and let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow the rest of the pets! I found a cat video on Amazon (as in, video for cats, with squirrels and birds) and our babies when crazy. Thunderpaws kept looking behind the flat screen, trying to find the squirrel, Lulubelle sat on the rug, transfixed. It was a hoot!

What’s on your agenda? (And no, I’m not getting old, right? Older, sure. I like that. I just wish it could go both ways).

9 thoughts on “All About You (Krissie)

  1. Maine Betty says:

    No, you’re not getting old. You’re getting better.
    Going through stuff is just way more complex than we remember, what with memories, associations, considerations of whether you’ll need it again. It’s hard, and making decisions all day wears people out quickly. This is why routine is so beautiful, fewer decisions after the basic ones are made.
    Thanks for printing my pretty boy last week!

  2. Marking internal exams this week, trying to get my head back into teaching properly and having a break from Minion 1! He’s off to Amsterdam for a long weekend, and I am definitely looking forward to a break. Things continue to improve on the whole with his behaviour and anger management, still some issues with volatility and procrastination, and he’s put me in a very embarrassing position at work by sending a screenshot of a private text from me to him to his friends…it was about school business and has now made the rounds of school students, so that’s pretty awkward. Arghgh. He will get there and be a decent, thoughtful young man, but it is hard work helping him work out how to take that journey.

  3. Jill says:

    Procrastinating. I do it well. There is a boat boat of pictures from our 50th anniversary and Christmas sitting on the dining room table. They need to be sorted and put in albums. I think I will go take a nap.

    Krissie, is the shoulder bothering you ?

  4. MJ says:

    I had this revelation: One attraction of work is that when I get lost in a writing job, my age falls away. I wouldn’t say I feel young again, but I certainly don’t feel old (unless I’m writing a social media campaign).

    Our agenda: take down the Christmas tree.

    Good luck on figuring out your daily segments.

  5. My mother would say that having missed Twelfth Night, you have to keep your tree up till next Christmas. You’ll have to do some mystic ceremony to ward off the bad luck otherwise.

  6. Alis says:

    My mom was the same. Heaven help you if you didn’t get the tree down in time.

    Then there was the whole “don’t burn the greenery within sight of the house” and “always take the tree out the same door it came in.” I still do the things, I just stopped questioning why at some point.

  7. MJ says:

    We have a paper taped to one box of Christmas stuff on which we write the day we take down the tree. Since 2000, our average has been Jan. 16, with no noticeable effect on luck.

    Maybe it’s because we do have a final ceremony: shining lights all around the tree, from every angle–even laying it on the floor–to find the inevitable Ornament We Almost Missed. Then we comment what a nice tree it has been and say goodbye as Dave drags it to the curb for recycling.

  8. Diane says:

    I wonder if denigrating aging and worrying so much about inevitably growing older is counterproductive. Our culture is so youth & beauty obsessed, and I think we are cutting off our own noses to spite our faces if we play into it. I think we should acknowledge aging and find things to celebrate about it.

    Whenever my kids tell me I wouldn’t understand something because I’m not college aged, I like to remind them that I was and I lived and I learned and I’m way smarter and experienced than they can imagine because I’ve done so. Demand respect. Old should equal Mighty, not Irrelevant.

  9. Me too (on having to take it down by 12th Night. (should that be 12fth Night?) Not that I had to leave it up if I didn’t, just that that was the official end. A few years I got it together to saw off the bottom for the following year’s Yule Log (another nice tradition) but I think we just burned it early the years I’ve done it.

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