All About You (Krissie)

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So shall we do a tap dance and tell you everything is fine? Not my style, but then, there are times you gotta pull up your socks and move on. (Bad Tim stuff).

I’ll go with our first holiday tradition – Stoop Soup. A treasured recipes from the 1970’s made by yours truly when I was a cute young wife living in an old farmhouse in the tiny town of Stannard, VT (where Bernie used to live). First, you cook a huge, fabulous Thanksgiving turkey. Then you strip the leftovers off the bones and put the carcass in a huge pot. You throw in an onion, carrots, celery, any leftover veggies plus peppercorns and a bay leaf and you put it on the back burner of the stove and you turn it on. You let it cook – well, it’s supposed to take 4 hours but I usually forget about it and get back to it in 6, 8, or 12 hours. And you can’t cheat and use a crockpot – it gives it a mushy flavor. When it’s time to go to bed and you can’t cook it any more, nor can you put it in the refrigerator because there’s no room with all the leftovers from Thanksgiving, you put it out on the door stoop, where, because it’s Vermont, snow is covering the ground and the temperature is, at the very best, in the low thirties. You put the lid on and go to bed.
For the next three months you pass it every day and think “God, I have to dump that mess in the woods” but you don’t touch it, and by the time Spring rolls around you make your husband trudge out past the fields into the woods and dump the incredibly horrible smelling mess of bones and mold and rot. Bring the pan back, scrub the hell out of it and start all over again next Thanksgiving.

On rare occasions you can vary the recipe by bringing the stock pot back in the next day, draining it over a colander, toss in some turkey, more veggies, a splash of sherry, a splash of soy sauce, and maybe some leftover rice (though if you don’t eat it all the the rice will swell up even more and become slightly weird). But then you miss the winter decoration of the stockpot on the door stoop, and this time of year it’s all about tradition, isn’t it?

This week I’m meeting Miranda Neville for lunch, going into Burlington to drop off stuff for Goodwill, going to NAMI meetings (tonight and Thursday), start decorating the house, write, sew, and keep my fucking sanity. Also, not cry more than twice a day.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

So what’s on your agenda, my darlings?

13 thoughts on “All About You (Krissie)

  1. Scarves and hats, as in making them. I have beautiful yarn, they’re not difficult since I make them up as I go, and if people hate them they can pass them on to Goodwill where they’ll keep somebody else warm.

    Also continuing to incrementally clean the house. At the rate, I should be done sometime in 2022.

    BUT I have most of my Christmas shopping done because I’m simpling things up this year–Amazon gift cards–and I even ordered gift bags on Amazon and I found amazing holiday cards that I really will send out this year, so I feel strongly that I’m ahead of the game.

  2. Eileen A-W says:

    I like your soup description. I’m still pushing forward on the cardiac rehab. I’m actually starting to look forward to my 40 minutes of walking on the treadmill. I’m not sure if it’s related to my reading while there or not. I still have to do some shopping for the holidays, though a few gifts are bought. Oldest son is going out east to NJ, from MN, for four weeks with his gal. It will be quietin the house while he is gone and there might even be leftovers for others to eat. My wish is that he finds a job out there. It would make lots of people happy. Take care Krissie and Jenny

  3. Kelly S. says:

    I love your recipe! It made me laugh and I shared it with the hubby.

    I’m still just taking it a day at a time. My days are too busy so if I look ahead I feel overwhelmed. But time moves forward and before I know it, January will be here. Actually, By going day by day, 2022 will be here before we know it and Jenny’s house will be spotless.

  4. Alis says:

    Hahahah… I call the outside “Nature’s Refrigerator.” Or at least I did in Buffalo. Central Indiana has too many warm spells; it’s more like “Nature’s Cooler.” But, as anyone who camps knows, coolers make excellent porch/deck/garage decorations when you’re putting off cleaning out the evolving contents, too!

  5. JenniferNennifer says:

    Anything I put on the deck would get eaten (as messily as possible) by some critter, so I am forced to actually finish the soup. By which time I never want to see it again, but DH eats it so my Yankee compulsions are satisfied.

    Back to work this week. I am finding it surprisingly satisfying, though you will note that it too me until Tuesday to read Monday’s post……

  6. Cindy says:

    Well, this week just is not a good week. I just got another pay cut, the second one this year. I’m trying to keep it together, but it’s really hard. I’m seeking comfort in healthy ways this week…exercise, pampering myself, and re-reading a favorite: Bet Me. All in all, things could be a lot worse.

  7. Sharon says:

    I am designing a quilt for my brother fisherman, hunter, gun lover and he does conceal carry. Was looking up ‘famous gun quotes’ on Google and came across this: It’s always unwise to shoot the man you’re in love with”. Who recognizes this? It’s by Anne Stuart in a book called The Devil’s Waltz !! This will definitely be printed on a block and put on his quilt. I think it will raise the quilt to a work of art!

  8. Alis says:

    Out of nowhere I’m drowning in the blues. Sick estranged father has fallen off the map (probably into a bottle), and sister and I are torn between opening the can of worms or just waiting it out. He does this right before every significant date (holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals), but this time he’s already ill, blind, in a terrible marriage and 72. I’m trying to put on the cheerful Christmas spirit for the kids who’ve never done anything to deserve this kind of drama, but I really just want to curl up and cry. Figured I’d put this here–I’m sure you all understand just what it’s like.

    Thanks for the safe place to vent.

  9. For me, giant pain in the butt day yesterday. Someone took over my page (photo and all) on Facebook. I wasted a day with messages, take down notices, changing passwords on every thing attached to the internet, etc. It’s finally done, FB responded and it has been removed.
    So, a huge warning, this has happened to a half dozen people I know, don’t friend anyone blindly, even if you know them well. Check out the page, see if there are only new posts, not photos, etc. If it looks suspicious report it. Grrrr.

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