All About You (Krissie)

Photo on 10-26-15 at 9.35 AM Phew! Just spent half an hour dealing with my over-anxious son. Argh.
But I read my Al-Anon reading for the day and stayed cool, and now I’ll go on with my day.
I wrote last week! I wrote good stuff! Started the book, and I’m happy with it, which is an amazing gift. I also went through baskets in my bedroom while I caught up on General Hospital (bless Hulu).
This week — I’ll go to the Big City. I’ll try to see Crimson Peak again. I’ll do more work in the bedroom (I have a whole pile of clothes to hang up). And I’ll write.
Still don’t know what my son is doing, but I’m doing better and better, even as winter begins closing in.
Here’s a selfie of me from the same dates:2012, 2013, 2014. Which means this is the fourth year I’ve been doing this. Interesting. I haven’t changed much, either.
Photo on 10-25-12 at 9.51 AMPhoto on 10-15-13 at 9.26 AMPhoto on 10-22-14 at 11.09 AM #2

So, what’s on your agenda? I guess, when you come right down to it, I had an excellent week. After a lot of not-so-good ones, I need to recognize it.

How was last week? Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish? And if you didn’t, were you hard on yourself or understanding? We all treat ourselves so much worse than we treat anyone else. It’s hard for me to realize I can relax (hence GH and the basket-emptying).

Tell me about it.

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  1. Last week was work…and then more work and after that, I worked. Freelance editing comes in bunches and then a dry spell and then another bunch. You’d think I’d get used to the feast times and not get so stressed–just plow through and do it. I guess I do mostly, but insomnia struck too, so my behind is dragging. Almost done with the project due today and then I’m off to be with Dee at chemo–any chance to spend time with her is always precious even if it is in a hospital. We pulled the boat this weekend–the lifts are emptying and the lake is closing up for the season–always sorta sad. We’ll be closing the cottage right before Thanksgiving and then my lake buddies will be scattering to the south and warmer climes while Husband and I come back to the city. Life goes on… 😉

  2. Cindy says:

    Last week was an emotional roller coaster, who knew that having major surgery could make you get depressed and anxious? I should have, but didn’t.

    I’m feeling 85% back to normal. This week is all about allowing myself to heal at my own pace and not try to push too hard.

  3. Eileen A-W says:

    I’m still feeling a bit numb from losing my mom 10 days ago and her funeral a week ago today. I am grateful that I was with her during her last days, hours, and minutes on earth. Time might heal but will never replace. I’m thankful for all the support from my family and friends. I have to keep looking for the good around me.

  4. Last week was work and living in a construction zone (new windows, bathroom remodel, etc.)

    We are “saving money” by doing the interior painting ourselves. Was hoping to be 14 of the 15 new windows at least primed this weekend. Well, they are taped, and nail holes are filled and sanded and the kitchen window is primed.

    This week is more of the same, except that I am also on-call for work and I have come to learn that, as the window sills are MDF and not wood, that priming is a 3-stage step involving priming the edge, giving the edge a skim coat of spackle, sanding and repriming….

    You’ll find me with a paint brush in my hand.

  5. Lynda says:

    I’m glad you had a good week, Krissie. You’re looking great! (And when you say you’ll try to see CRIMSON PEAK “again,” does that mean you’ve already seen it once, or that you tried but failed to see it last week? If you have seen it, what did you think?)

    Huge hugs for Cindy and Eileen and everyone who’s dealing with truly serious stuff. I hope this week is better for you all.

    As for me, not much on the agenda. I’m still trying to get to get to the movies, but, more importantly, I’m trying to get my ass in gear and go sign up at the gym so I can start water exercises. At this point nothing is stopping me but inertia.

  6. Krissie, we can see Crimson Peak again when you come down. I really want to see it.
    Of course by that time, it’ll be out in DVD.

  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m feeling my autumnal urge to clean house and get ready for winter BUT I can’t just yet because I have soooooo much course work to get caught up on.

    I am blissfully happy because for the entire month of November(actually, the next 49 days), I don’t have to go anywhere except the town an hour away where our accountant is to drop off the company books. I was going to go to the city to see Cineplex’s showing of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch with friends but, as fun as it would be, I just can’t be bothered.

    We got the details on the pay/rate cut TB is taking at work, he works for an oil and gas company, and it’s not as bad as we thought it would be. The company he contracts for brought in pay cuts for everyone on salary making over a certain amount, including the Board of Directors fees and all the upper management, and based on how much you make. So, the more you make the bigger your pay cut. Yup, the CEO is taking a bigger pay cut than his admin. They thought process has been that if everyone gives up a little, everyone can keep their jobs.

    Damnit! TB just texted me and reminded me we have dentist appointments on the 16th. Welp, I guess that’s the day I’m taking the books in! This is what happens when you forget to hit Submit Comment.

  8. Jill says:

    Background: I am a member of PEO (Philanthropic Education Organization -for women). Local chapter EP. PEO owns Cottey College which just happens to be 25 miles north of Lamar. I am beyond amazed by Cottey College.
    (10/6)Six of us rode in high style to Cottey this morning. Jo brought the limo for us to ride in . We checked in at the Main Building and met our student ambassador (they are called Gold Key) Esmeralda . Esme is originally from Mexico and now lives in Harrisonville. We also met the new Cottey president Jann Weitzel Our first stop was the Raney Dining Hall in Robertson Hall for lunch-a salad bar, sandwich bar and a hot bar. All excellent. We were joined by another Gold Key, Frances, from New York. Some of us had trouble walking so they stayed at Robertson. The rest of us toured the buildings in the north side of the street–Main Hall, Wild Center for the Arts, the Judy and Glenn Rogers Arts Center is not finished, PEO Hall (a residence hall not air-conditioned). Then back to Robertson to see a “small” suite. Yeah right . 4 individual bed rooms with a large living/dining area, bathroom, kitchen. Then over to Hinkhouse Activity Center. Basketball, volleyball, Olympic pool, fitness, and Chellie Club Snack Bar. If you remember when we sponsored a student gift cards for the Chellie Club were really appreciated. We did not go in the Chapel. Last stop was the Library. Very impressive, especially the 9′ by 9′ needlepointed campus buildings. All done by a PEO from Branson. There are statues every where. And so many little things / traditions that make Cottey the unique place that it is. One small thing-because the campus is on both sides of the street there are several crosswalks. When students cross the street they always wave at the stopped cars. Quick stop at McDonalds for drinks then home.

    Yesterday (10/16) we had a Jewelry and stuff sale at the hospital (Barton County Memorial) . Nancy Johnson told me I should buy these footed, fleece lined, tights for motorcycle riding in the cold. So I did. Little did I know I needed them the next day.

    We left home on the bikes at 9AM 42 °. Without wind chill. Got to Hideout Harley Davidson for the usual 10AM HOG Chapter meeting. Then 17 people. 13 bikes ( I think). 2 people in a cage (Harley speak for a car 😉 ) took off for the wilds of OK. . Rode the back roads , following Road Captain Don Sherman , to Vinita, OK for lunch at El Vaquero ? Vallarta ? Whatever–it was good.

    Refreshed we headed for Foyil to see the Worlds Tallest Concrete Totem Pole . . And the Fiddle House I do not know how many fiddles there (100?) are but they are all made of a different kind of wood by the same man who built the totem pole. Amazing.

    After that some of us split up. Some followed Don on a wild OK goose chase. Joe and I GPSed our way home. With a stop at Starbucks in Joplin for an energizing café mocha (skinny hold the cream) and gas for the gas hog trike.

    Home about 5:00PM. I think the temp did reach 60 °

    Good ride. Good friends. Good eats.


    Wednesday I said to Joe “ This is no biggie, but what would you think about going to Branson Friday and see 2 shows? And spend the night ?” He said that sounded good. What ! ? So- I picked myself off the floor and made reservations.

    We got a package deal. On the way we stopped and picked up the vouchers. Then stopped for lunch at Vaskens Deli Joe had a gyro and I had a gyro pizza. I ate the whole thing—so good . Then we went to the 2:00PM show at King’s Castle “Spirit of the Dance”

    Excellent !

    Then we checked into The Gazebo Rested awhile. Then off to one of our favorite restaurants in Branson Joe had spaghetti and meatballs. I had Pollo Limoni, hold the fungi. Yummy !

    Then back to King’s Castle to see The Dublin Tenors and Celtic Ladies.

    Oh wow ! My only gripe with this show is that there was not more Irish music. But the variety of songs that they did was incredible. They did a tribute to Andy Williams-Moon River. Pass the kleenix. Andy had his own theater (Moon River) and restaurant in Branson. I saw he and Glen Campbell there a few years ago.

    I have not been to a lot of shows in Branson but I have not found one that was disappointing.

    Back to Gazebo. Crashed. Home Saturday. I napped all the way.

    Looking good , Krissie. Thank the goddesses for Al-Anon

  9. I’m sorry for your loss, Eileen, but how great to get to spend those last hours with your mother. Take strength through friends and family during this time, and focus on all of your cherished memories.

  10. I’m still purging my closets. Did this a month ago, but as my move draws closer I decided on another round. Three huge bags of clothing, purses, shoes and linens. I mean why was I hanging on to size 10 jeans? Sheesh. If I ever fit into that size again I’ll throw a party and splurge on new stuff.
    In a few days I’m heading up to my son’s house in Vegas and will offload a ton of boxes. Some for him, some for my permanent home whenever I decide where that will be.
    As far as writing goes, I got nothing. Tomorrow I’m packing crystal. Will I ever use it again? Probably not. Some things are hard to part with though.

  11. Carol says:

    It was a good week. Crazy busy at work, but otherwise a good one. Saw friends, celebrated a little one’s first birthday, and did some much needed picking up and cleaning around the house. Still walking Art the Dog, but even that is coming to a close as his mama’s ankle is pretty well healed.

    This week? More catching up and organizing, and writing. A calmer week is conducive to more writing.

  12. Me too. Study now has one coat of primer, two coats of white, am trying to persuade myself that since it will be covered in bookshelves, that’s all it needs. Second coat of gloss on sill. It will be a glorious window seat…soon….

  13. So sorry for your loss – it doesn’t make it easier or better being there, but when the numbness wears off, I hope you will find comfort in the fact that you were there. Good to hear that family and friends are standing by.

  14. This week – I sent off a radio play to the local radio station and a job application for the next step up. Now have a mountain of marking to work through, and am getting my head into the Nanowrimo place. Trying so hard not to angst about what is happening with agent. I haven’t had a live agent before – an agent who took me on and then died, but not a real live, breathing agent. Who has two MSS of mine for editorial comment….

    Am also recovering sensation in my jaw after a big replacement filling. The dentist was great, but it was a 45 minute drill/fill experience and I’ve felt like I was drooling ever since.

  15. I’m so sorry, Eileen. I wish to God I’d been with my mother at the very last, but I think she and God decided otherwise. Still, it’s a comfort that you were with her.

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