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Okay, I slept late. And I realized that All About You is really All About Me so I need to have All About You on another day. When I drag my sorry ass out of bed on Monday I’m focussed on the week ahead … but then I want to hear about your week ahead too. I view this as conversation (with me hijacking most of it), not so much blog entry.

But we’ll see. We had a very nice Thanksgiving – the turkey was overcooked, the potatoes were gluey (never use an immersion blender), the stuffing was soggy and there wasn’t enough gravy. It was just Richie and me, and my cooking, so none of that mattered – it was delicious anyway. I’d been cleaning for a couple of days, actually making progress, and I ended up in ghastly pain by the end, so we didn’t even sit at the table to eat – just had dinner in our laps. And it was lovely. I did ace the bread pudding, though. I was going to go for an oil-based pie crust with whole-wheat pastry flour but the pain had won out by then so I made an apple bread pudding with cranberry bread I had on hand, and it was ambrosial.

Spent a lot of the long weekend face timing with the grandkids and Tim – yesterday I played parallel Barbies with Ali (I had Richie go down to the basement and find Daniel’s old Barbies). I had unhappy conversations about and with two people and my relationship with them is going through similar problems, which makes me wonder if I’m the cause and not them. Nah, it’s them. Not sure what to do about it – I’m afraid I have to let it go.

NANO has been a qualified success – I won’t make 50k but I’ve written tons, and gotten back into writing again. Putting off the knee surgery was the smartest thing I could have done – if I’d gone through with it I would have ended up stalled out for another six months and who knows when I would have pulled it back together.

You know what’s damnable? All that cleaning, including stripped the kitchen back of all the shit that had come to live on the counters …. it’s all chaos again. That’s what I hate about cleaning.

We’ve been having Saturday morning write-ins at the library this month for NANO, and I’m going to see about continuing it. It’s great for me, and good for other people as well, and it would be great if we could build a community of writers (I live in a town of 700 people but it’s a writing town, especially in the summer).

So back to work. Tons of stuff to do before I sleep, but mainly keep writing.

So, come on, tell me about Thanksgiving. What was the worst thing you ate (or managed to avoid). What was the best? And we you thankful for anything in particular? Despite my two troubled relationships, I’m thankful for EVERYTHING! Life is a banquet.

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  1. Eileen AW says:

    Thanksgiving was great. With my broken arm & fingers I couldn’t cook, which is the first time I can ever remember that happening. We went to younger daughter’s mil’s house for a good meal and fun conversation. The best parts of the weekend was finally getting a mani-pedi since I can’t cut my nails by myself. 🙁 I feel like I’ve lost my independence not being able to drive yet.

    I do hope everyone had a great weekend.

  2. Kathleen Gilles Seidel says:

    I spent five days with family and ate no sweets. No chocolate-pecan-bourbon pie, no pumpkin cheese cake, no apple crisp, no cookies, none. The increased consumption of other carbs did make me crave sugar so I was mainlining oranges which I declared didn’t count. I can easily control my alcohol consumption, but not sugar. I can do none, but not some. So this holiday I did none. Extremely pleased with myself.

  3. Diane says:

    Thanksgiving was great. Just my husband and me for the first time ever in going on 31 years.

    An absolute delight. We both couldn’t stop grinning and telling jokes.

    I bought most of the meal pre-made so there wasn’t any cooking stress.

  4. 31 people at my sister’s house with an abundance of food and wine. We had our kids home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 15 years and Grandboy was both delighted and intimidated by the extent of his extended family. We basked and it was lovely indeed!

  5. Excellent. It’s this time of year that sugar is my downfall – most of the time I can resist it. And Christmas makes me feel like cooking! (A loud whine coming from Vermont).

  6. Jill says:

    Just Joe and I . We let our kids make their plans and we adapt. I am not a cook but I had a turkey in the freezer I had to use so I baked it in a bag. Forgot to do the red skin potatoes and the deviled eggs (we had those for dessert). My brain could not get around 4 days of holliday-every day felt like Sunday.
    Yesterday was back to “normal”. I did get an hour hot rock massage. Sandy found aches I did not know I had.

  7. Brussel Sprout says:

    Speaking as a fellow carb-avoider, oranges Definitely Don’t Count. And I’m with you, it’s either none or plenty when it comes to sugar. Sigh. 70% chocolate does work for me, but my real weakness is toast ideally slathered with butter with either marmalade, or blueberry jam or honey. And for those savoury moments, Marmite. When I arrived in the UK age 8, I thought Marmite was the work of Satan, but now I always always have some in the kitchen cupboard.

    Well done on a sugar-free Thanksgiving….not easy.

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