All About You (Eclipse Edition)

Here I am as Lorene VanderPelt, a combined character in The Time of Your Life. That’s my cousin’s husband John beside me – he played Mac … something, a longshoreman. We had a great time – it was a bit ragged but loads of fun, and I even grew to love the play (with reservations). Sean Haberle came up from NY to play the lead – he was Claudius in Hamlet and Atticus Finch, plus he directed Annie Get Your Gun, and I adore him. He’ll try absolutely anything on stage – he’s fearless, and an absolute sweetheart as well. Like many actors, he’s also IATSE (the stagehands union) to support himself, and right now he’s working on the Colbert show, which he says is lots of fun. He had a couple of Colbert ID cards on his backpack and all of us wanted to steal one (or at least I did and a 16 year old stage crew wanted to, which is about right. I’m like a teenager). Funny thing – the NY stagehands aren’t suppose to make eye contact with the talent. He says Colbert seems great though, and all the people who work with him love him.

But I digress. Happy eclipse day. Don’t look at the sun. Easiest way to see it is look at the reflection in a bucket of water – assuming the sun is out. I intend to float in the pool with my eyes closed, basking in the energy. Except it’s possible that energy might be negative – who knows.

Didn’t write much last week – I had only a few days to spend with Sally, sewing, so I did, and then I was tied up in rehearsals. Today I’m taking an eclipse day, tomorrow I finally go to the big city and do what I need to do, and Wednesday I go straight through to the end of the book.

I’ve said this before, but my main problem is I have too many things I’m dying to do. So many things on the computer I want to watch, so many things I want to sew, books I want to listen to, organizing and decluttering (because I find all sorts of cool stuff), things I’m dying to write. Plus I have to grab the time when it’s limited to spend with Sally (who’s basically the only family I have left from the old days – we grew up together, we knew each others’ parents intimately). Everyone else in my family of origin is gone, and the only one left is Mini-me, who’s now having a lovely if sad time on Martha’s Vineyard (her SIL just died).

So my week is planned. I’m happy. It’s interesting – to someone I might seem bipolar, since I have Major Depression but I’m feel such joy in life. But I don’t have any of the bad things with Bipolar illness (which runs in my family so I know it well). I don’t go on spending sprees. I don’t get nasty (which they often do when they’re on a high). I don’t run on at the mouth. I’m not impulsive.

I see the world full of glorious things, but I think that’s part of my basic nature, and intervals of depression hit sometimes. The thing is, I want to be happy. So I try to notice beautiful and good things, I try to let go of things I can’t change, I’m not a perfectionist (thank God), and being a Taurus (or being me) I love Things. Shiny, bright, dark, rusty – there’s just such a feast of things in this world (which I have to stop collecting but I love passing on things, plus I find ways to use them). Everywhere there’s a richness of life that I don’t have time to get to.  I can’t change my son’s illness or worry about the future when there’s nothing I can do (I think a lot of the last 15 years have been spent weeping and worrying about my children). I can let go. I can grieve and it won’t destroy me.

I’ve always taken Auntie Mame as a role model – “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. Live!”

So that’s my goal for Eclipse Day. I’m just gonna live.

Next week I’ll try to organize my life so I can start doing all the things I want to be doing without feeling like I should be doing something else, but that’s next week. For now my way is clear.

So – any of you in the path of the Eclipse.? (We’re getting 60% – in other words, a typical cloudy day in Vermont). Any of you doing anything to mark it? If I’d thought earlier I would have come up with something significant we could all do. But maybe’s it’s significant enough to live well.

So tell me, what’re you doing for the Eclipse, are you celebrating it in any way, spiritually or otherwise?

8 thoughts on “All About You (Eclipse Edition)

  1. JenniferNennifer says:

    I am having a planned day off from my diet, so I enjoyed cookies and get to eat something with cheese for dinner! I was envisioning the eclipse (which is about 82% here in MI supposedly, though with the cloud cover, hard to tell) where was I? Oh, yes, envisioning the eclipse energy taking unwanted body energy with it. No reason to supposed that it would, magically speaking, but then, no reason to suppose it wouldn’t. The good kind of negative energy, Krissie!

  2. Alis says:

    91% Coverage here, and it was AWESOME. My whole family spent an hour out in the front yard with our NASA approved glasses, looking like the geeks we are. I now have a thousand freckles and need a shower (feels like 94F/34.5C degrees out there today), but I am very happy.

    The negative energy from the eclipse is the same as with a new moon, just a LOT stronger. It’s for facing your shadows and banishing unwanted things before moving into new cycles and growth. I set out a jar of water to soak up the energy and will use it/drink it and reinforce my putting things behind me mojo.

  3. Lynda says:

    Watched the eclipse on TV. Even though it was only 71% here, the light was noticeably dimmer. I’ve been trying to figure out why eclipse dimness just seem “wrong” somehow, as opposed to twilight or whatever, and finally I decided that it’s because there are no shadows. Strange.

    I’m delighted that you’re back into acting again. I know it broke your heart when things fell apart earlier for your theater group. Will you be doing any more musicals, or just plays from now on?

  4. Jessie says:

    The eclipse was only about ninety some percent here. If we wanted to drive 30 miles we would have had totality but too many people were doing that so we stayed home. We saw one in ’79 so it wasn’t a life list experience.

    We went outside and I started working and suddenly noticed the light was getting a little strange and shadows were getting longer. Then the pinhole spots of sunlight coming through the leaves of the trees and reflecting on the ground turned from little dots into crescents. Where several overlapped fountains of arcs turned into fernlike shadows. And the weirdest effect was that it was hard to focus when totality was near. My husband was about 12 feet away from me and it was hard to focus on him. He said he was having the same visual problem.

    When we saw the totality previously we were in high desert and no trees and shrubs so we didn’t notice the shadows or the visuals. A friend who was on the water said he felt like the water was moving backward and the people in the boat were in hyper focus.

    My neighbors set off fireworks fortunately and scared the dragon away so we all still have the sun.

  5. Jill says:

    So happy you are back on stage !

    Eclipse=bummer. To everyone who enjoyed a fabulous eclipse experience- 😝 We packed water and snacks and had a full tank of gas and drove to Kansas City a day early–as suggested by all the eclipse gurus on the internet. There was no traffic anywhere. Stayed overnight with daughter, son in law and 2 grands. Their air conditioner was broken. My sympathy to all who do not have an air conditioner. Monday morning I had Joe set up a folding chair in the driveway. Around noon the eclipse started. This little orange spot in the sky was being taken over by this black crescent. Cool ! We could see it in spite of fleeting clouds. So here we are -Joe, me, Rob, and the air conditioner sales man looking up at the eclipse. Until the last moment , the big hurrah-totality ! There was total cloud cover. We saw nothing. It did not turn dark, the temp only dropped a little. False advertising if you ask me ! The only way we knew that totality had happened is the middle school across the street shot off a firework. The green tint to the air and the stillness reminded me of a tornado coming. Did we think to watch it on an electronic device ? No, we did not. So, we came home. No traffic clear sky. I have a few words to say to the weather gods.

  6. Jill says:

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  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I remember the ’79 eclipse. I was 9 and watched it with my 6-year-old sister and our mom. We looked through Dad’s welding glasses. My mom asked us to draw what we saw and so Little Sis and I did. LS finished her drawing, decided something was wrong, and took out a green crayon and shaded the entire thing green – the colour of the welding glass! Very literal, that one.

    This time TB and I noticed that when it was at its apex (we had about 70% coverage) everything seemed very still and very quite. We have a large unkindness of ravens that lives in town and they talk a lot, but they weren’t talking during the eclipse. For hours afterward the light seemed wrong somehow.

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