All About You (and Politics)

I may look cheery there but I’m not. And for God’s sake, this isn’t political! It’s human. It has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat or Trump.
I’m just so angry and heartbroken about Charlottesville. That such things can happen in our country, that they’re happening more and more. That somehow that kind of evil has become part of our society worries me deeply.

I don’t understand where evil comes from. Those screaming white nationalists are good men, I know they are. How did such vile hatred become there identity? How does this sort of thing ever happen? In general I don’t believe in evil, I believe in sickness – of the soul, of the mind. Does adversity drive most people to these kinds of terrible beliefs and behaviors? Sorry, but it’s just so deeply upsetting.

On to better things. I’m almost finished the book. I’m doing massive stuff on my sewing room. Today I’ll get to sew with Sally, and the weather is good (though still cool). I find I can float in my pool and listen to audiobooks (I’m on the new Sarah MacLean and it’s excellent) if it’s 68 or above and the sun in shining. If the sun goes away and there’s a breeze it gets a little nippy. But I am going to wrest some summer out of this too-short non-summer or die of pneumonia trying.

I rehearsed last week for a theater gala last night, and I joined a bunch of old friends singing the nun music from Sound of Music. This weekend we’re doing a staged reading of The Time of their Lives wherein I play the role of “an unattractive woman.” When I first read the play I said “I’ll play any role but that one.” Really, really didn’t want to play her because of my complex issues of feeling “un-pretty” most of my life.

But then I thought if I felt that strongly about the part (and it’s not a large one) then I should definitely play it, so instead I requested it, and we’ll be having rehearsals Thursday and Friday and perform Saturday and Sunday. So at least I get a taste of theater, which makes me happy.
And this is my sewing room mid-scramble. I’m slowly getting it organized – I’ll have more stuff on Wednesday to show you.

So this week. Deal with the situation in this country. Rehearse the play. Work on the book (finish the draft?). Sew with Sally. Play the guitar and sing. Maybe finally get my butt to the big city (I’ve been putting it off for weeks and weeks).

What’s on your agenda? Lots of you on vacation as “summer” winds down? Though many of you (including those in England) have more than their fair share of summer. Mini-me was over during a heat wave in … I think it was early July. She just landed again this morning – her SIL is dying and she and her Brit husband have gone to say good-bye.

It’s times like these that “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python comes so mind.

So, my children, what’s on your agenda?

Oh, and I had at least one typo and now I can’t find it (I think it was a homophone) so be generous with me. Yeah, I really do know how to write – I just type too fast.

7 thoughts on “All About You (and Politics)

  1. I don’t believe in evil, either. But selfishness, stupidity, and cruelty exist, for sure. I can usually look at people like this in a personal interaction and think, “You’re you, I’m me, I win.” But since Trump is energizing the selfish, stupid, and cruel, it’s harder to find the silver lining. I don’t think he created them, but he’s inviting them out of the woodwork. Which might be good: easier to stomp on them that way.

    I think America’s problem–beyond racism, sexism, income inequality, Citizens United, and the mess that is Congress on both sides of the aisle–is complacency. There’s a huge undercurrent of “How did this happen here?” when it was always here. So it’s good that it’s raising awareness, but it’s still horrible.

    I’m working my way through the house, doing a little bit every day, which is not speedy but a huge improvement over doing nothing every day. And I can feel my blood speeding up as the days start to get cooler–September is my favorite month of the year–and the house gets cozier. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, too, which I haven’t done in a long time, and that’s been good because I’m remembering what I respond to as a reader, which is a big help with my writing.

    Fingers crossed that Trump gets tired of the crap and quits. Then we get Pence, but at least he’s sane. Also, to everybody who didn’t vote because it didn’t matter or who voted for one of the minor candidates because they had to vote their consciences, how’s that working out for you? (Actually madder at the people who didn’t vote than the people who voted for Trump. You don’t take care of your country, this is what you get.)

  2. Mary Anne in Kentucky says:

    I do believe in evil. It’s not widespread, but it’s there. And it explains So Much.

    You have thread racks! They look like they’re not broken. I inherited my mother’s (and all the thread on them) and they are partly broken, but I don’t replace them because if I ever use hers up I will not have that much thread.

  3. Eileen AW says:

    One of the problems is accepting that Freedom of Speech means we have to listen to these bigoted, racist idiots. But it also means they, & mean they, need to listen to the other side (again Freedom of Speech) without reacting or using their comments as fuel to generate the violence. Until tolerance, acceptance, and love rules the world, hate will exist.

    Don’t get me started on my sewing stuff, half of which is hidden in my cedar closet in the basement and I have no idea what I have in it.

    I’m leaving Sunday for a week in Portland and North Bend, Oregon to visit our sil. Looking forward to it. Plus we will be able to see 99% of the eclipse. Of course when we planned this trip last winter we had no clue about the eclipse.

    Krissie – your typo is you wrote THERE instead of THEIR.

  4. Brussel Sprout says:

    Fear is the root of evil – fear of the other, fear of inadequacy and inferiority, fear of loss of power, fear.

    Just watched an extraordinary and poignant Czech film from 1965 set in 1942 Slovakia, The Shop on the Hight Street or Onchod na korze. It won an Oscar, and deservedly so. That line – fear is the root of evil, and the chilling words of Danforth in the Crucible, you’re either with us or against us, are used in the film and it is a warning to us all.

  5. Jill says:

    I agree with Jenny. Complacency is the root of the problems caused by racism, sexism, income inequality, a screwed up Congress. The “it cannot happen in my country, state, town, neighborhood ” attitude. When something like Charlottesville happens people are ,rightly so, shocked and horrified. Do we learn from a tragedy like this ? God, I hope so.

  6. So, so sad. And yes. Complacency. When we aren’t personally affected, it’s so easy to look away. If we don’t all speak up, even in the smallest of ways, then we’ve added to the problems.

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