All About You and Me and All That Stuff (Krissie)

I grew up with that travel poster framed on our walls – my grandmother had them done for my mother and my aunt, and she had one in Danish, and I have great fondness for it. Though that’s not precisely the one – ours was from before Queen Margrethe (the latest one in the phenomenally ugly red dress) was crowned. It’s a great poster – I remember looking at Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth in fascination. Jesus, I’m old.
So how have you all been? I’ve been bustling around, but here’s what I’ve accomplished.
1. I finished the first draft of the Book that Would Not End
2. Finished my taxes (and found I overpaid!!! Yippee!)
3. Made what I thought was an autumn purse but instead it was an autumn tote-bag which wasn’t worth the effort since I have a million tote bags. Sigh.
4. Watched tv with Sally and Alex (the grandson). Sally’s in Michigan and we watched the final episode of a K-drama, Bride of the Water God, and Alex (in New Mexico) and I watched Phineas and Ferb which was surprisingly funny. They turn the iPad on the tv and then we talk while we watch – it’s actually a lot of fun.
5. I visited Crusie, came back with a lovely haul of yarn and goodies. We mostly just hung around the house and talked and talked and talked. Good times. Oh, and ticks do not drop out of trees onto people’s heads (my crazy-ass mother told me that)
6. I rescheduled my knee surgery for spring – I have too much writing work to accomplish and I can’t afford to waffle for the months it takes to get one’s brain back after a major surgery like that
7. I’ve had lovely, realistic dreams about Tom Hiddleston two nights in a row (no, not sexual, you naughty people! Sex is for my heroines – at least, sex with Hiddles is). Sigh.
8. Changed my sheets and am ready to attack the bedroom. I have horrifying photos for the before shots.
9. I’ve cleaned up my sewing room quite a bit because I have a million quilts I want to make
10. Tim got approved for SSI, thank God. Now we just have to wait until they decide whether I can be payee or not.

There are doubtless tons of other things. Here’s the stuff I now have to do:
1. Finish revisions on HEARTLESS
2. Write a Christmas novella
3. Get to work on OOOPS (working title)
4. Start swimming again
5. Clean the bedroom
6. Clean the living room
7. Bake bread more often
8. Cook more often
9. Sew more often
10. See what I can do about the crushing student loans (Daniel hasn’t been working – in fact has never paid anything on his loans and we, unfortunately, co-signed. Daniel also has mental health issues).
And a thousand more things to do, not necessarily in that order.

Ah, the golden years. But the utterly fabulous thing is the longer I’m off that creepy Neurontin the better I feel. Depression really had been closing back around me, and god damn the doctor who prescribed it without noticing that it’s contra-indicated for someone with a history of depression. But I’m feeling good and energetic and ready to slay dragons, which is the way I like to be.

Hmmm. Tomorrow I’ll get on the scale.

And tomorrow I start the great bedroom attack. I’ll post one before picture and then an after picture. It’ll keep me honest.

And we’re having lovely weather, which makes all the masses of outdoor projects you have to do in Vermont (get the firewood together, put away the outdoor furniture, cover things with tarps, cut back plants, put stakes up for the snow plows, etc. etc.) easier, plus cuts back on fuel use.

So I am woman, hear me roar.

What’s on your agenda? Anyone else filled with energy (I always tend to be in the fall, my favorite season)? Tell me what you’ve been doing.

16 thoughts on “All About You and Me and All That Stuff (Krissie)

  1. JenniferNennifer says:

    I missed Sunday happies because of travel, but we are having a good, successful show, so it’s in a good cause. I am not getting on the scale until after Halloween, because – travel eating – but at least it is a conscious decision.

    Monday reinventing posts make me aware of what full lives we lead. It’s a good thing.

  2. Carol says:

    This week is catch-up after a crazy-busy week last week – too many meals out (among other things) so concentrating on eating healthy and exercising are high on the list.

  3. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Congrats on the tax over payment. That’s never bad.

    Always, always, always, run your medication by your pharmacist before you take it. Your pharmacist knows way more about drugs and their interactions than your doctor does. One of my dear friends from university (who is a doctor now) would have been in some serious health trouble as a child when her doctor prescribed her drug X and her mom, a pharmacist, asked if he really meant that because she was already on drugs Y and A. He said yes and she said no, those 3 drugs to not play nicely together and he argued with her until she reminded him that she knew what she was talking about as she was, in fact, a doctor as well. She won that argument.

    I have an appointment with my endocrinologist on Thursday and on Friday Tall Boy sees his cardiologist. His is routine, mine is to see where we go next on my wonky thyroid. We have some fun things planned with friends and then we are heading to see his parents for a couple of days. They have an elderly relative who has just gone into assisted living and there was some furniture to get rid of so we are taking some of it. We’ve asked for pictures but, apparently, it the age of smart phones, no one knows how to text pictures.

    I’m hoping for 4/4 aquafit classes this week, even if I do have to leave early tomorrow for a gyno appointment.

    I’m painting chairs and reading up on doing upholstery just for fun and checking out dogs on the local rescue page waiting for a certain someone to admit that we are getting another dog. Alas, the town only allows us to have 3 so that will have to be my limit.

  4. I may have a cat.

    Kathleen, my neighbor across the street, kept telling me there was a stray cat near my house. She put food out for it in a carrier, hoping to trap it and keep it because she just lost her most beloved cat and she wants to rescue somebody. She said, “It’s a little red one,” and I said, “Are you sure it’s not a fox?” Nope, she said, cat.

    The dogs go nuts occassionally at something outside, but since outside is full of squirrels and deer and the occasional bear, I didn’t think much of it. Then I was working in the side yard today, and looked back toward the lawn furniture and there was this lovely calico. I said, “Hello, sweetie,” and didn’t go close, and she looked at me for a minute, decided I was trouble, and jumped down a fifteen foot wall to get away.

    But now I hear footsteps in the attic, too heavy to be mice. Of course, it could also be a squirrel. How it got in the attic, I don’t know. (Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How it got into my pajamas, I’ll never know.)

    But the next time I hit the grocery, I’ll get some Fancy Feast. I already had bowls of water outside for the dogs, so I’ll figure out a way to feed the poor girl that doesn’t involve bears who are bulking up for hibernation.

    It’s just one damn thing after another here.

    Also we miss Krissie.

  5. Jessie says:

    We have a cat from over a block away who has decided to become our cat. His owners disagree. He shows up every morning and begs for food until we cave. One day he did this for over two hours until we caved. And while he looks good, he also looks thin. So he is being feed quality food, just not quite enough. He tries to stay in the house and cuddle with whichever lap is available. Our cats think this is THE WORST IDEA EVER. He has explained that since his owners have had two children who are both toddlers and not particular good with cats although he is too well brought up to either scratch them or bite, he has had enough. I have also discovered they are not keeping up his shots. He is a really nice cat. And smart. Too bad he is also microchipped.

  6. Jessie says:

    This week I am learning how to operate my new ovens, my new Instapot and my new Cuisinart. My old Cuisinart is 35 years old and was pretty much intuitive in assembly. But it was also falling apart and making weird noises. The new one has at least 3 or 4 more functions, needs assembly every time you want to do something and offers me the opportunity to spiral cut. I was not aware that spiral cutting was something that was essential to my life. The opportunities to screw up with this thing look limitless.

    The Instapot is essentially a pressure cooker with social aspirations. I have bought some cognac, which I am swilling down even as I type, and tomorrow I attempt Beef Burgundy a la Julia Childs, and see if I can do it in less than the 2 days I usually take.

  7. Lynda says:

    Jessie, a few years ago I finally replaced my ancient Cuisinart, but the new one I got was basically the same model as that old one. I had no idea that the latest incarnations would do spiral cuts. If you haven’t looked already, YouTube has a lot of channels devoted to the Instapot. I haven’t done a whole lot with mine except cook some quick pasta, mostly because I cook as little as possible these days, but they are lots of fun to play with.

  8. Jessie says:

    Thanks, Linda. I have been reading a lot of comments on Instapot. The best one I found said if you normally cook something in less than 20 minutes, do not use the Instapot. By time it comes up to pressure then cools down, you are at 20 minutes already. I do cook rissoto and supposedly it is great for that and polenta ( no continuous stirring but great texture) so I am going to try that.

  9. Brussel Sprout says:

    It’s been stressful…last week was bookended by big storms on Isle of Man, but we were meant to be taking a boat on Saturday morning. Then I went to hairdresser and one of the stylists mentioned Weatherbomb Brian, so I checked with ferry company, which kind of confirmed that the boat we were booked on would likely be cancelled. Normally, I’d say fine, but we had to had to had to be in London for Sunday lunch and Monday to help with preparations and celebrations for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday – Sunday lunch was immediate family (18) and Monday was neighbours and cousins (30). The DH was with me, and he was cake-baker, and I was general dogsbody, there was no missing this one. Except that we’d arranged to collect Minion 1 from university in Manchester on Sat afternoon and he was NOT going to change his plans…

    We switched boats, I got permission to sign out of school early and we got to London in one piece. But then there was the issue of getting Minion 1 (ADD and other stuff, not the world’s most efficient organiser) to London. He missed various buses on Saturday, ended up on an overnight bus and arrived at 7am on Sunday morning. Both parties went off smoothly and Minion has now returned to uni in one piece…phew….I’m now staying happily with old friend for catch up time, and a chance to show minion 2 Brighton, the town of his birth and first year. Am looking forward to chilling…

  10. I’m on daily dog duty. My daughter is fostering a dog that got into a fight with another and bit it. The owner can’t risk keeping it because he has a toddler and a baby. He’s about a year old and was a rescue. He’s well trained and recently did well at obedience school.
    My daughter loves the dog. However she has a full time job and is pursuing her doctorate in psych, and sees clients after work. Thus, no time for a dog. BUT she loves him.
    So, mom to the rescue, and fortunately I live close by. I’m also falling in love with this sweet baby. It’s obvious he has been beaten, but he’s super sweet. I’m coming to visit him for four hours each day. Not getting much writing done, but that’s okay.
    I’m not sure what the result of all this will be, but I wish I had a place that allowed pets. I’d take him in a minute.

  11. Thea says:

    Boeuf bourguignon a la Julia Childs tastes better with some rest. Two days sounds just about right. So does the thought of making and tasting this dish, so thanks for putting the idea in my head.

  12. Jessie says:

    The work level does not decrease with a pressure cooker. BUT the beef does not taste over cooked like it can sometime do on my 2 day version and wine sauce was amazing.

    Basically, I followed Julia’s recipe and adapted. After an afternoon of chopping and reducing liquids and cooking things in separate pans then melding, it was done. By the time the Instapot came up to pressure (about 20 minutes), pressure cooked (35 minutes) then lowered the pressure enough to add the mushrooms and onion, which I cooked separately (another 20 minutes) This is probably the best one I have ever done and I routinely do this every year.

    My husband belong to a wine group that makes its own wine. So I need something that cooks in red wine. While everyone goes around patting themselves on the back for what a great wine they make, I mostly think it is drinkable. Not excellent, not bad, but drinkable. However, it is great for cooking. Since cooking pretty much totals all the delicate flavors in wine, a wine with no delicate flavors works very well. And it was superb for this.

    And should you have other suggestions to offer me for cooking using a basically mediocre wine, do not hesitate to tell me.

  13. Nancy Hunter says:

    My daughter slept under that poster every time she visited her grandparents’ house in her childhood :-). And every time you post about something about Denmark or learning Danish, it reminds that I really must start listening to the Rosetta Stone to learn a little of the language. I’m writing a book next year set in Copenhagen, and while it will be in English, I’ll want to use a few Danish word and phrases, and also have a Danish lilt when the Danish characters are speaking in English. Listening to my parents’-in-law won’t help with that, because they’ve been in the US long enough to have lost most of their ‘translation mistakes’. And my husband and his siblings were kids when they moved here, so no accents/word transpositions there.

    I had the flu last week and actually took the time to be sick (not that I had much choice while I had a fever – it’s easy to forget just how miserable that makes you!). I did attend a big, fancy gala Friday night and didn’t get home until 2AM, my daughter and new son-in-law visited for the weekend, and Monday I threw myself back into my regular schedule. And now my husband is sick. Which explains why I’m exhausted and it’s only Wednesday.

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