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Here I am. Can’t have a picture today – my Photo Booth app isn’t working. Oh, I know, I’ll find an old one for the date. That’s five years ago. I like me better now.

So … we finally got a decent day yesterday, and I floated in our pool holding Richie’s hand (while he floated too). I’ve been sorting stuff in the upstairs bedrooms and making a huge mess as I do it, but sooner or later things will start to be streamlined. Crusie gave me a whole bunch of antique quilt blocks a few years ago and I’d sandwiched and quilted lots of them so yesterday I trimmed them out plus made three more sandwiches. I’ll quilt and trim them, then put ’em together using a method I saw on Youtube via Pinterest. Have I told you how much I love Pinterest?

Next task will be weeding through my fabric again – anyone looking for something in particular? I’m not sure how many of you guys sew.

Doing business this morning, and then moving ahead with the never-ending revisions which are almost coming to an end. We take a good friend out for dinner tonight at the fancy pizza place nearby (our favorite is The Green Man pizza – pesto and spinach and cheese. Except it’s weird when I can and say “I’d like a large Green Man.”)

And we’ll have some warmer weather this week, both my children are comparatively stable, so life is good, one day at a time.

Goal for this week – move ahead on the book, do some more sorting, maybe a trip to Goodwill, hey, I guess it’s time to make a start on my bedroom. I’ll show you pictures tomorrow or the next day.

But mostly, write.

What’s on your agenda? Who’s making stuff (gardens count)?

13 thoughts on “All About You

  1. Eileen says:

    I’m intrigues how you made the quilt sandwiches. I love sewing but put reading ahead of it on my priority list. I created a really cute fairy garden in my new hosta bed under the maple tree in the front yard. That was a lot of fun. I bought everything on sale (as in 50-70% off). The zucchini are coming in daily in our veggie garden. I hope we start getting some tomatoes when we get back. Right now I’m visiting my brother & his family on Long Island, sitting outside watching the water, geese and swans go by. Not so many boats right now. The best decision my brother & I made after losing both our mom and younger sister was to make sure we visit at least once a year. We reminded ourselves of the importance of family.

  2. Lynda says:

    So are you going to join the quilt blocks with sashing? There are a lot of YouTube videos that demonstrate technique, and one of the ladies in my sewing group showed us how to do it or year or two ago. I’ve never actually tried it, but I must say that it seems that it would be a lot easier than quilting a large quilt on a sewing machine, which I have done. I know a lot of people who are using the BIG new quilting frames (?)–the local shops allow you to rent time on one if you don’t have your own–and the results are spectacular, but it’s not something I’ve ever aspired to try. I do love the idea of finally finishing a quilt that someone else began long ago. (Hmm. That almost sounds like a story idea.)

    Not much going on around here, except for hunkering down and staying cool. We are into our third straight week of above 100° temps. I do have to go see my doctor this afternoon. An old problem has suddenly popped up, and I need to get a referral from her. Hopefully by dealing with the issue right away, it’ll be easier than it was in the past. (Nothing dire or life-threatening, but not to be ignored.) To be continued.

  3. mitchiewitch says:

    I started having some back pain on June 26th that neither my masseuse or my chiropractor could eliminate on a permanent basis. So, after 3 weeks of visits to both of them and icing my back regularly, my chiropractor sent me to my doctor (they know one another) for a muscle relaxer script. It’s working and such a relief after weeks of not knowing what would make my back spasm, so not knowing when it would happen – that’s what drove me crazy.
    Our department has finally gotten a permanent replacement for a previously grant-funded position that has been unfilled for the majority of the just-ended academic year. We’ll be working on the coming year’s programming and I’ll have a chance to dig out my desk and see the surface before the end of the summer. Little things make me happy – although the piles are kinda tall.
    Lots of summer reading to do – for fun (not work) with many of the titles coming from Good Book Thursdays on Argh Ink – hopefully while on the beach. We seem to be having a slightly better summer in Massachusetts than you are in Vermont.

  4. JenniferNennifer says:

    Missed Sunday Happies because traveling all day. Glad to be home.

    TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS on Tuesday night!!!!!

  5. camilla says:

    My dad died recently so I am awash in details. Ugh. I have the summer off and am sending my last chick to college in August so theres that…..
    Any fabric with doxies would be gratefully received!!!

  6. I had a new release on Friday, and the night before got content edits for the next book. Then I had my local chapter meeting. Fri night kids visited. Sunday old friend in town , out to lunch. That night other set of kids over. Juggling of promo and marketing, doing giveaways, interviews. I’m exhausted, tomorrow I’m going to the beach for a couple of nights.

  7. MJ says:

    Making sketches every day, continuing to be inspired by “Art Before Breakfast.”

    Making progress AT LAST on a WIP that dates to 2011. JaneB, it’s the one I was working on during our mini-Nano.

    Like JenniferNennifer, making plans for a concert – the Violent Femmes! We’ve seen them many times over the years, including what my husband believes was their first “real” show.

  8. Susanne says:

    I’m dealing with piles of paperwork. The piles are trying their best to defeat me, but I’m timing myself. 25 of work, 5 minutes of break. Pomodoro (sp?) technique.

  9. LILinda says:

    Well, I’m doing quite a bit of sewing, but I can’t say why yet. It’s an exciting new chapter for me getting set to open.I’ve had to do some clothing, a few stuffed animals and I need to finish several mini quilts.

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