All About You

OOops I’ve been having too much fun. I’m out in Ann Arbor, having a lovely time (though I was crippled yesterday and slept all day). I’m having a great time with Sally’s grandkids (pictures to come) and we’re going to a mega quilt store, etc.
So, this week I will sleep late, do a little work if I can (Sally sleeps late) and we will sew together and maybe even write together and watch K-dramas and anime (we’ve already seen Howl’s Moving Castle) and OMG they have a Steak n Shake here!!! Just one visit and I’ll be happy!
We might get out to a movie too. They have a lovely place – set back, with only one neighbor in sight, and yet so close to shopping it’s dangerous (at least for me). But anyway, this is a week of indulgence for me.

What’s on your agenda?

8 thoughts on “All About You

  1. Diane says:

    Lots of check-ups this week, but I’m hoping for some nice walks and bike rides too.

    Howl’s Moving Castle is such a good movie.

  2. JenniferNennifer says:

    Arrived to the vacation rental house to find it had apparently had a power outage, and the microwave, oven part of the stove, and the internet all weren’t working. We called and said we didn’t care about the cooking, but internet!!!!!!! they brought us a new microwave (thanks, but whatever), confirmed that the oven didn’t work (yep, that’s what I told you) and offered to let us stay in a different house (just got my jigsaw puzzle started, so no thanks). Today a dude drove 2 hours from the closest office to fix our internet – which he confirmed actually was broken, and is now fixed. None of these things has made our vacation any less enjoyable, and now we have internet so all REALLY good.

  3. Kathleen Gilles Seidel says:

    This probably belongs on a Sunday happiness page, but I saw it today, and we can use smiles all week. It is a tee shirt upon which the no-doubt slackard of a wearer announces ‘I STILL LIVE WITH MY PARENTS.’ But it is a baby-sized onesie. There was also one that said ‘PLAYER THREE HAS ENTERED THE GAME.’

  4. Kelly S. says:

    What store is the mega quilt store? Please do tell since I’m only an hour away from you & a quilter.

  5. Love the tees, Kathy.

    I’m cleaning and working in the yard and talking to the dogs and my neighbors and writing. So life as usual. Sloooooooowly doing all of that. Also I’ve gained a ton of weight so I’m going to have to start walking the dog, except there’s a Big Problem in our neighborhood, so I’m reluctant to do that. ARGH.

    OTOH, I just found out that making toasted cheese with mayo instead of butter is excellent, especially if cut a circle out of the middle and drop in an egg to cook while you fry the sandwich.

  6. Glad you’re having a good time, Krissie. I’m driving to the desert tomorrow to visit with old pals. Really looking forward to seeing everyone. It was 110 yesterday. Eeeep!

  7. Office Wench Cherry says:

    I’m endeavoring to get up early and work in my garden/yard before it gets hot(but nowhere near Robena’s 110!!!) and I have to do actual work.

    I’m also working on painting some furniture and stripping some nasty, bubbling varnish off a little stand that belonged to my grandparents. It sat between their chairs for its whole life, they bought it in the 40s I think, and the finish on the top has worn off on either side from 60-ish years of sleeves rubbing against it reaching for coffees. It will not be painted, just stripped and given a good drink of wood oil.

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