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That’s my earnest look.
I have so freaking much work to do, so many things I have to do, so many things I want to do. Revisions on an old book, writing on a new one, swimming, working on finances, finishing up the AG (American Girl) outfit I’m sewing (in honor of K-dramas, which I’ve been watching, I’m making her a … forget the terms. Anyway a traditional Korean outfit – pictures later). Plus, I have an appointment with my therapist.

And you know what I’m going to do? Blow off everything. It’s an exquisite day – warm and bright and sunny. We got more than a foot of snow on Friday and Saturday, we’re getting snow and freezing rain tomorrow, and the rest of the week is cold, heavy rain. So I’m going out!

Sometimes you just need a day off. All those things that are calling to me will still be around, tomorrow, and a week of cold, nasty rain is an excellent time to do most of those things. Once the snow and freezing rain stops I can easily drive to swimming, and I can do all the other stuff under lots of electric light because it’s dark, dark, dark.

The big trick is kicking away the guilt. Except I’m not too big on guilt (though in recent years I’ve realized I have more than I thought, even though I’m an absolute saint). I’ve gotta kick away the longing to be doing those other things. Emma and Brandon are about to have sex. (Everyday I write they get closer and closer to it, but stuff keeps happening). I adore the old book I’m revising, and want to see it through. And I’m enjoying working on getting our financial house in order, now that we’ve figured out a way to do it (or at least work on it). And of course I always need therapy – even though I haven’t been depressed in more than a year it doesn’t mean it won’t circle round and hit me again.

But, just for today, girls just wanna have fun.

I know you all have made the decision to do the same thing. What do you usually do? All my friends have pretty much moved away, and Richie wants to do stuff outside as the long winter winds down. I’m going shopping – for food and some sewing stuff – and having lunch at Panera. They don’t even have movie matinees closer than 65 miles. Any suggestions for ways to have fun when you just want to go out and play? No museums nearby. I do live deep in the country.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be taking care of all those other things. Today I play.

What’s on your agenda? Work or play? A balanced mixture of both? I think everyone should take one week off this week to celebrate what might be spring (iffy in Northern VT). Plus, it’ll make me feel less guilty.

12 thoughts on “All About You

  1. Maine Betty says:

    Huh, I think you’ve just given me good-off permission. I’m going to go walk the dog I share with my parents. I”m going to count the crocuses and shovel that bit of snow block the walk. Like you say, rain rain rain for the rest of the week!

  2. Eileen AW says:

    If your legs could handle it, I’d suggest a walk in nature. Otherwise visit a park or nursey or botanic garden. As long as the weather is awesome be outside. That’s what I do. Oh, how about just sitting out in the sun and reading. We are getting rain later and it’s gray here. Temps in the Twin Cities will be in the mid-50s most of the week so I know I will be spending time outside. Now if only the sun would reappear.

  3. Days when I just can’t get motivated to do any of the work awaiting me, I read for pleasure (a diversion for Editor Nan), grab Husband and go for a walk in the park (which we have to drive to), or knit, knit, knit, and binge-watch something. Currently, we’re hooked on Acorn TV (British television)–a gift from Son and DIL. I did manage to get a swim in this morning, but my gym is really close. I thought I was going to get right to work on my current editing gig after I got back from the pool, but instead, Husband said, “Want to go up to the Wine Guy and use my gift certificate?” Well, yeah! So we bought wine today–maybe tonight, we’ll drink some. 😉

    Enjoy your time outside, Krissie! We’re in for rain and gloomy weather here too, but on Friday, the sun is supposed to shine and we’re headed up to open up our lake cottage. Can. Not. Wait.

  4. Jill says:

    I like to take a cold drink and sit on the front porch or back patio and read. But since that is not possible for either of us-maybe go to a book store (I know a long drive for both of us) that has a coffee shop , combine that with a trip to Hobby Lobby. Or I could come up there and give you a ride on my bike.

  5. Office Wench Cherry says:

    Yesterday I blew off work to go have a pelvic ultrasound. Does that sounds fun?

    The men’s curling world championships are in Edmonton so Tall Boy and I went to see Canada play. It was fun.

    Today, which is his 50th birthday, he’s going back to watch another game with a guy from work while I stay home. I’ve got a ton of chores and my actual job to do so that will keep me busy.

    Alas, no more slacking off for me until the weekend when I have a short craft class in a town about an hour from here.

  6. Lois says:

    Sunday was our nice weather day. I love to meditate outside so started there. I have a project that I want to use various dye techniques on. One is snow dyeing so since we still have snow I did that. My bulb garden is snugged in next to the basement wall on the southeast corner and the last of the snow melted there so I removed the last of the leaves.
    By doing all those things I could completely ignore all the other things that need doing. Like taxes.
    I hope you had fun playing hooky

  7. The good stuff – DH is back home and we are a family for a little while again. It’s the holidays, time to do a lot of reading. I’m nearly through first batch of exam marking which a) staves off wolf at door, b) shows me the way other teachers work and support their students. It’s really nice to have marked 100/110 scripts, yayayayay.
    We’ve had some beautiful walks with Minion 2 who is great company.
    We’re going to see the Live Screening of Twelfth Night tomorrow evening. My favourite Shakespeare and the cast and reviews are amazing.

    The bad stuff – money is so insanely tight and we’ve discovered our gas cooker is dangerous and on its last legs. But we simply don’t have £500 to replace it at the moment. Sigh.
    Minion no.1 is still not getting himself a job.
    I do have a job, but all my attempts to get a new one have gone nowhere – I’ve made it to the last two for two jobs, and am feeling a little sad and worried about how we will cope with finances etc next academic year. Tax bills, rates bills, car desperately needs a service and new rear tires. ARghghghgh. Can’t believe how in debt we are too. Arghghghgh.

  8. I’m deep into the writing. This is good. It’s also bad. Bad because when I go this deep into the story my dreams become vivid. Guess there are too many words in my head all rolling around and crashing into each other. I wake up feeling drugged, and some mornings go back to bed for an hour or two. Then I write all afternoon.
    I’d hate to have to explain my writing process to anyone. Ha ha.

  9. Sharon S. says:

    My best friend of 24 freaking years is moving in 2 weeks. She and her husband are building a home in Florida. I hate Florida. I hate flying. I’m going to miss her something awful.SO, since her husband is in Florida overseeing the final details on their house, I am going over to her house on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, since it is the last time I’ll see her. I don’t see how I can get on an airplane, I’m absolutely petrified to fly and since I live it California, it’s too far to drive by myself. What to do…cry sounds good. But we’ll have a great time this weekend.

    • Jessie says:

      It takes awhile but what about going by train if you don’t want to drive. I love going places by train especially if I get a sleeper car. And the food on the trains I have taken is good.

      • Jessie says:

        Also you can work on your laptop, read books, walk around, take a shower, watch out the window of your own room, nap. Whatever. If you live a way from a train depot, the problem is getting there. But other than that it is all good.

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