All About Sisterhood (Krissie)

Photo on 1-23-17 at 8.35 AM Hard to believe I’d be feeling good three days after … god, I don’t even want to say it. By now you must know Jenny’s and my politics, and nowadays it has a more immediate impact on our lives (I avoid using impact as a verb). So while this isn’t going to become a political platform, opinions are going to come up, and I’m afraid opinions on our current president are strong. So if you’re of a differing opinion just skip my opinions on the flaming orange cheet-0 president.
march1 Saturday was so good it made up for a lot of bad. I didn’t march, I rolled, which given the slush and the crowd was damned tricky. I was pushed by an award-winning fiber artist, Judy Dales. I’ll put one of her quilts at the bottom of this but the photo doesn’t do it justice. Her work is amazing.
Anyway, we all rode in a rented school bus driven by Sherral, Bobbi arranged it, I sat with BJ, Big Tim went and grabbed me a hat, Betsy looked out for me, Erika sat behind us. I gotta remember I do have friends here, even if I don’t often see them. I wish I could see them more, but their lives center around what’s called The Walking Women, we they all walk three times a week and then get together for muffins at each others’ houses. They’re a powerful force, and obviously I can’t participate.
Last time I did an actual, organized march through a downtown was all the way back after MLK was murdered. We walked through the center of downtown Newark, which was a pretty funky place. Since then I’ve been on demonstrations (tear gas in Washington), sit-ins (arrest in NYC for blocking a draft board – I even went to the Tombs!), vigils (the Iraq war) and I’m not that active politically (though I’ve been sending money this year). the times they are a-changing, though, and I gotta get vigilant. Problem is, I can’t very well write my congressmen. I mean, what would I accomplish by writing Bernie or Pat Leahy to tell them what I think of the president’s actions? They’re already on point.
Anyway, a glorious day, a reminder that we’re all bonded (on a personal level as well as a political level). It was glorious.
So, this week.
I actually wrote three days last week, and I’m half done on Brandon and Emma. I did some sewing, and I’m off to Jo-ann’s to buy doll clothes patterns for $1 a piece (for my transgender American Girl Boy doll (they have a Dr. Who pattern!). Gotta write, gotta clean, gotta sew. Gotta call an SSI lawyer for Tim, gotta check on Daniel, got a life to live.
The weight has plateaued 25 pounds lower than my last stable weight, and it’s effortless (sugar doesn’t call to me, nor do fried things) so I’ll keep on with that. I’m rolling up my sleeves and digging in.
So what’s on your agenda? Anyone else march? How are people doing with their vision for the new year?
judymarch 2

12 thoughts on “All About Sisterhood (Krissie)

  1. Well, my vision is still cloudy, but I can see that the marches were wonderful, and life in general and the future in particular is less dark.

    Going to keep working on my book and on the house; stuck at home today because of storms, but out again tomorrow to pick up stuff, maybe get the freaking laundry done. Overall, optimistic here.

  2. Eileen A-W says:

    I marched in St. Paul, MN and was proud of the many that came out to also march. It wasn’t just women. I saw children and men of all ages. All sorts of races, religions, colors, choices, ages, etc were represented. There were so many wonderful signs too!! It wasn’t all anti-Drump. Lots of support equality, support women’s rights to decisions about their bodies, and acceptance of immigrants. I was with some other teachers and ran into a few more. My older daughter also marched and ran into lots of her social worker colleagues. There was a slight altercation by a march protester who sprayed pepper spray at some marchers, but the SPPD (police) took him away asap and arrested him. Right on Krissie and Jenny!!

  3. Carol says:

    I marched in LA, which I believe turned out to be the largest march. Truly astonishing and peaceful and hopeful and inclusive. My senators are Kamila Harris and Dianne Feinstein, my rep. is Maxine Waters – we’re all on the same page! But I’m going to write them anyway, just to remind them I’m here. And I’m going to look at swing campaign districts to see what I can do there – it’s going to be the focus in 2018.

  4. Jill says:

    That quilt is Awesome X5 ! I did not march. Hermit that I am I did not realize there were marches everywhere. I feel bad about that. Rox marched in St Paul. Everyone that marched posted that the numbers of marchers exceeded the predicted amount.
    Starting to plan rides for the summer. I got a new helmet-I look like I am ready to be launched into space

  5. Maine Betty says:

    I walked in Portsmouth, NH. It was great.
    Krissie, I also have a group of friends that walks 3 times a week. We have one friend who can no longer do so, because her Parkinsons has progress too far. Aside from any other contact, such as church, every month we have muffins at her house, or someone’s, and she’s there. Is that possible for you and your friends?

    • German Chocolate Betty says:

      Yeah, I found that on a German news page on Monday.

      Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

      The whole world is laughing at Trump. Instead of making America great again, he’s turning us into a laughing stock. We may never recover. Our reputation has taken a huge hit and the weirdness is truly scaring people. Trump may be initiating the post-America age.

      All my colleagues and friends here just sigh and give me pitying looks…sigh.

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