All About … Aiyeee! (Krissie)

That’s me this morning, fighting off a hissy fit. I do not understand why bureaucracy is so incompetent. I’ll still take them over private enterprise, but my god, dealing with Social Security is maddening. I have to lose time I should spend on revisions going to the office and they’ll give me a run around and then someone will call me and they’ll tell me the opposite of the first person and …. aiyeeee!

However, apart from that life is relatively splendid. Had to walk out in the middle of church yesterday – someone remind me never to go on the first Sunday in November. Since it follows All Saints Day the various ministers always talk about death and I have way too many dead people in my life. I work very hard at not letting myself sink into grief and misery (though I do let myself cry if need be) and I didn’t want to sit there and sob (as I have other years, when they read the list of the dead, including my 18 year old nephew) and I didn’t want my day to be spent self-comforting. I wanted to sew and cook.

So I left, came home, made a new fall bag (picture coming), made dinner, remembered I had galleys or whatever to go through, etc. As they said in the olden days, I wasn’t about to let anyone harsh my mellow.

I started NANOWRIMO and really loving it. Almost done revisions. Making progress on the living room and the bedroom (the Augean stables have nothing on me). My kids are stable, Daniel seems to be getting better, and if I could just get this social security mess taken care of things should be … well, not golden but looking up. At this point our main stressor is money.

I WILL finish revisions in the next few days. I’ll keep working on the new piece for NANO. I will persevere on the living room and bedroom. I will start to quilt the two (and soon three) quilt tops I’ve basted. Nothing but good times ahead.

So, what’s tap for this week? Joy or despair? Challenges? What’s up this week. We’re 6 days into November and haven’t seen a snowflake yet – we often get brief snow storms at the end of August.

Your assignment – Go see Thor: Ragnarok. Kick-ass women, Tom Hiddleston, funny as hell. What more could you ask?

So what, apart from the movies, is on your agenda?

7 thoughts on “All About … Aiyeee! (Krissie)

  1. JenniferNennifer says:

    Busy week preparing to send my boss off to NY next week for our show there – so next week should be very relaxed!

    Missed posting happies yesterday, but I got most of my Halloween decorations inside (one large one still drying in the basement) and may have found a home for a large inflatable that I am done with.

    Feeling particularly blessed in my friends and family – sometimes I just notice how wonderful they are, and remember to be thankful.

  2. Office Wench Cherry says:

    The movie was freaking fantastic. I will fall on my sword and go see it again next Tuesday with Tall Boy. It’s a good thing I went to see it with the girls the other night and got most of the swooning and fanning myself and giggling out of the way.

    We might go away for the day on Saturday and I’ve got to figure out how to get back into the work groove before then since I haven’t really worked since the 26th. I did work one day but I was really sick and not very productive. I also have to get the company paperwork ready for the accountant and I don’t want to do any of it. Maybe being up since 3:30 this morning has something to do with it, I dunno.

  3. Eileen AW says:

    Busy week for me. Lunch with friends three times this week, an appt with the orthopedic doctor to check on status of pins in the fingers followed by physical therapy. I will probably overdo it, too. We’ve seen snow here in MN already but fortunately it melted. Still have lots of garden stuff to do before winter.

  4. Mama_Abbie says:

    Work and radiation and occupational therapy and first check-in since surgery with chemo oncologist for me. Also doing a few things to get house ready for visit next weekend with daughter, son-in-law, and cutest grand-daughter in the entire world (excepting other folks grand kids, of course). It’s been two months since we have seen them in person and there is a LOT of change between 7 and 9 months! Really looking forward to it!

  5. Brussel sprout says:

    Isn’t money a complete pain? We never ever seem to have enough. Even when we were earning two great incomes, we were useless at saving. The worst moment was when I discovered the DH had spent literally thousands of euros on porcelain dinner service and glass ware….We’re now coming out of the low-point where I was earning a much reduced salary and he wasn’t earning at all. But all this means is extending our debt so that we can finish our money pit and then try to let it…

    Trying desperately to keep awake after one of those nights when I went to sleep promptly, woke at 3:30 and tossed and turned until alarm at 5:15. It’s 2 and I’ve got 2.5 hours before I can leave work and have a nap….

    On the plus side, am enjoying Nano, and this week, I have to polish a play synopsis and scene for a competition, to be submitted Thursday pm.

  6. MJ says:

    Despite what the astrological calendar says, it feels like not only Mercury but also the entire solar system is in retrograde. Snafus with insurance, appointments, email…Some days I think I’d rather be a pioneer fighting a cloud of locusts. Except I couldn’t dress in a hoodie and boxer shorts.

    Bright side: Over the hump on two massive projects. Get to send invoices! Almost as much fun as receiving checks.

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