Jan. 1, 2012

Reinventing Fabulous is our one-year blog journaling project (“our” being Krissie, aka Anne Stuart and Kristina Douglas, and Jenny aka Jennifer Crusie) because 2011 sucked and we’re determined that 2012 will not just be better but will, in fact, be amazing.*

We’re abetted in this by Lani Diane Rich (aka Lucy March) who already blogged her personal transformation in A Year and Change.  Lani blogged every day for 561 days; Krissie plans to blog every day in 2012 for 365 days; Jenny will show up as the mood strikes her but try to get in here at least once a week/52 days.  Reinventing Fabulous will end on Dec. 31, 2012, assuming the Mayans were wrong, and it doesn’t end early along with everything else.**

Who’s Who: Krissie is the author of over 100 romance, thriller, and supernatural suspense novels as Anne Stuart and Kristina Douglas, plus her Drama Queen blog. Jenny is the author of twenty-one romance and women’s fiction novels, plus her Argh Ink blog.  Lani is the author of ten romance and women’s fiction novels as Lani Diane Rich and Lucy March, plus she blogs at The Bettyverse.  So we’re doing this journal for 2012 because we didn’t have enough writing to do already.***

To sum up, we’re already fabulous, but our fabulous is getting a little dinged around the edges, a little shopworn, a little out of date, a lot out of step with who we are now.  So we’re reinventing our fabulous, re-fabbing our lives, if you will, and making 2012 a year to remember.

Nothing but interesting times ahead.


*Okay, some good stuff happened in 2011, but it was still hell.

**Yes, we know the Mayans didn’t say the world was going to end in 2012.  But we’re stocking up on Diet Coke and Peach Snapple, just the same.  Because we can always use more Diet Coke and Peach Snapple.

*** Don’t mention this project to our editors; they think we’re already spending too much time writing on the net.  (Hi, Matthew!)

**** That’s re-fabbing, not re-fapping.  What’s wrong with you people?